Udaariyaan 19th December 2021 Written Update Riya missing

Udaariyaan 19th December , 2021 Update on Written Riya missing Jasmin discovers that Riya likes Tejo quite a lot. She isn’t looking for happiness for Tejo’s life. She would like Riya to be a hater of Tejo and Angad to dislike Tejo in the event that the loss of Riya. Jasmin is able to transform the love of Angad into hatred. She says that Tejo cannot ever be content after an unending wound. Jasmin goes with Tejo to the market. She tries to steal Tejo’s joy by kidnapping Riya. Tejo is concerned for Riya as she is unable to locate her in any place. Jasmin is a liar to Riya and tricks to bring her with her.

Tejo is crying over losing Riya and then calls Angad informing him of the fact that Riya was missing. Tejo and Angad are on the lookout for Riya who is with Jasmin. Jasmin is determined to show Angad and Tejo negligent and reckless guardians of Riya and ensure that Riya’s custody passes over to Nani. She is aware that if this occurs, Angad won’t be able to accept Tejo. What happens when Fateh be able to learn about the kidnapping of Riya and help her? Will Jasmin succeed in achieving her criminal motives or be revealed in front of Tejo? Continue going.

The show’s opening scene, Sharma tells that Fateh is suffering from a problem within his heart, which does not express. He is running from his self. Angad is eager to show his gratitude to Fateh but Fateh leaves the scene to avoid meeting. Fateh does not want Angad as well as Tejo to learn anything about the other. Angad and Tejo have a break. Fateh is watching Tejo in secret. A disguised Jasmin visits Angad’s home when he is away and learns about his family members from the person who is his servant. She discovers Riya who is closely associated with Angad as well as Tejo. She decides to go after Riya and get revenge against Tejo. She doesn’t want to imagine Tejo enjoying his life and living in peace. Fateh is upset because Tejo isn’t in his life due to his love blind for Jasmin. Jasmin is determined to take that she will get revenge Tejo and formulates her strategy.

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