Udaariyaan 18th December 2021 Written Update Risky move

Udaariyaan 18thDecember2021 Written Update Dangerous decision Angad and Tejo discover that Sharma has suffered a heart attack. Sharma says to Angad that he’s fine today, thanks to the quick assistance from his driver. Sharma asks Angad to come visit him and bring Tejo on board. Angad informs him that he’ll shortly visit him. Fateh listens in on the conversation and finds out that Tejo is expected to visit together with Angad in the near future. He is determined to leave and not get in the way of Tejo. Angad says he’s already headed out and that Tejo is on his way however, his car isn’t there to go further. He also says that the vehicle broke down and the family is waiting in a state of panic.

Tanya says to Angad that their new driver will be there to pick them up. She inquires about their location. She requests Fateh to go to select Angad along with Tejo. Fateh is unable to select Angad as well as Tejo. Angad informs Tejo she’s coming. is coming. Fateh is unsure of what she can do to be out of their sight. What happens if Fateh decide to take the risk and snare them by concealing his face and his identity? Will Tejo discover the identity of Fateh? Continue on reading.

In the earlier part of the show, Fateh is concerned in the event that Tejo and Angad might visit an unwell Sharma and later visit him. He has a promise to Sharma however, he isn’t keen for Angad as well as Tejo to visit him. He isn’t willing for Tejo to find out that he wasn’t in Canada along with Jasmin. Fateh is a fraud to Sharma using his real name. He reveals that his real name is Jaideep. Then Angad and Tejo are spending time with Riya and Fateh, while Jasmin arrives to investigate the alleged rift among Angad, Fateh and Tejo. She suspects Angad has been a sheltered Tejo as well as Fateh. She goes into the house in secret and searches for Fateh but is unable to locate him. She discovers Tejo as well as Angad. She would like to know where she went to find Fateh disappear in this manner. Jasmin is close to being captured by Angad. Watch out for more.

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