Udaariyaan 13th December 2021 Written Update Fateh’s fate

Udaariyaan 13th December 2021 Written Update Fateh’s fate Tejo keeps her friendship with Angad. Angad makes sure that she stays happy. Destiny plans a face off for Fateh and Tejo. They get close to meet in a different city, Rampur. Fateh’s good deeds will bring him in front of Tejo. Angad tells Tejo about Sharma, who is really important for him. He asks Tejo to play his fake fiancee in front of Sharma. He apologizes that she still has to play this drama. Angad tells Sharma that he will make him meet Tejo, when they meet for lunch. He informs Tejo about their Rampur trip. Tejo understands Angad.

She is okay to make their lie a truth in front of the work. She just wants her families to believe the lie. Angad and Tejo return home, and play with Riya. They enjoy a lot with Riya. Angad gets an unexpected visitor home. Angad is stunned to meet a woman, who comes there for Riya. Jasmin hires someone to find out Tejo. She wants to start her revenge by targeting Tejo first. On the other hand, Tejo feels she has seen Fateh once again when she visits Rampur. Tejo and Fateh come together in the narrow zone once again. Will they meet this time? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Angad shares the funny incident with Tejo. He shows the license to Tejo. Angad gets a call from his business client Sharma, who unknowingly drops his cash loaded wallet at the same petrol bunk where Fateh works. Fateh decides to go to meet Sharma and return the wallet. Fate is giving many chances to Fateh and Tejo to meet. Jasmin speaks of her hatred getting double for Fateh. She starts her revenge plan by targeting Tejo first.

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