Udaariyaan 10th January 2022 Written Update

Tejo coming to class. She Reads Poetry. She asks who kept this rose here. The student says it was already stored here when I arrived. She says it’s okay, I know who saved it. Fateh thinks that she doesn’t know if she has a smile on her face or not. She remembers Khushbeer’s words. She remembers everything and she thinks that I can’t trust Fateh, that I can’t forgive him. She smashes the rose and asks the students to complete the chapter. She leaves. Fateh looks at her. The students are leaving too. Fateh walks into class and smiles. He sees the rose and the note in the trash can. He gets sad. He says it’s okay, Tejo, I will receive roses every day, someday you will forgive me. Jasmin comes and says Poor boy, burdened with love, give me a little time, before you were my lover, now you are my greatest enemy, I pity you, keep trying, one day your lover will agree. He asks what you mean. She says this is my college too, you and Tejo changed an innocent girl into a cunning Jasmin. She tells a good joke, don’t blame us, you ruined our lives, I was innocent for not understanding your conspiracy. She says hey, stay scared of me. He asks why. She says I told you about the surprise, so stay scared. She receives a call. She says it’s my lawyer’s call, you like surprises, right, you will like this one. She goes. He thinks what is she planning now, I have to stop her.

Fateh is in some bar. The baby. He sees Tejo head-on. Tejo says, You here, you accepted my rose, it means that you have forgiven me, everything is fine. She says yes, you have convinced me. He turns and sees Buzo. He sees Tejo missing. She goes to Buzo and sits down with him to drink. Diver asks if you came to drink or to forget the pain. Fateh says I’m sorry to make Tejo cry, what a pain you have. Diver says I don’t want to marry anyone, the alliance of girls has arrived. Fateh says Tell them you love Simran. Diver says I can’t tell. Fateh scolds him. Diver says I love her very much, I want to accept her and Candy, I can’t tell you, Khushbeer will never agree. Fateh says yes, come on, I won’t let you make the same mistake, come with me. Diver says not in this state, not now. Fateh says that she will take my word for it, come on, we will convince dad, Tejo would have done this. Buzo calls Tejo and asks him to come quickly to the bar, Fateh is too drunk. Tejo says that Buzo seems worried, why am I worried, why my relationship with Fateh is now, nothing, Fateh asked Buzo to call.

Fateh says I lost my love, Simran won’t lose her call, come with me. Tejo comes and slaps Fateh. She scolds him. She says that you are a selfish person, you only think about yourself, now you care about your sister, it is good, but one cannot get such a love, do not be silly, one needs the consent of the family for love, become responsible, Learn to join hearts and relationships. She leaves. Fateh hugs Buzo and says thank you from her for calling her here, it means that she still cares about me, she did not slap me, she showed that my hope is not unfounded. He smiles. Tejo sees her hand and cries.

Fateh comes home and remembers Tejo’s words. Say thank you for opening my eyes, I am really a careless son and brother, I just want to see your smile, I forgot that this will happen when our families smile, I understood what to do to get your smile, I have to convince the families And join them, I will let Rupy and Khushbeer repair and establish Simran, maybe you will be happy and forgive me, but how am I going to start this? It is morning, Satti receives a call and says yes, we will come. She says Tejo, Lovely, Pammi had called, we will celebrate Lodhi with the NGO School Kids. Bau Ji and everyone talks about Lodhi. Gurpreet says that Fateh loves sweets too. Biji says that Amrik should have come here. Simran says that he said that he will finish daddy’s job and come. Nimmo comes and meets them. Tejo smiles and talks to baby. Dilraj shows Fateh. Fateh thanks you. Navraj says you want to celebrate Lodhi with Tejo. Fateh says I want Dad and Rupy to get ready. Dilraj orders chocolates. Fateh says I’ll get it, I’ll do my other job. Dilraj says that he thinks it’s done.

Fateh says I wish Dad didn’t get mad. The khushbier arrives. Nimmo wishes you happy Lodhi. He trips over the bag and screams. Gurpreet says don’t be mad at festival time. He says it’s not a festival for me. Biji says it’s Candy’s first Lodhi. Khushbeer says we have no respect in Pind, I don’t want to meet Sandhus, everyone can leave. Fateh looks and thinks how my plan will work if Dad doesn’t come.

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