Udaariyaan 10th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Jasmin checks the lease. Tejo taunts her. She says you did a lot to get here and what did you get, nothing, now Fateh and I stay here for you, you can do nothing, I am the tenant of Angad and I will stay here from today. Angad asks Jasmin to read it properly, can she read it, it’s original, not fake. Tejo says our betrothed relationship was fake, but this tenant and owner relationship is real. Jasmin says I don’t care about this, I’ll cut your wings and crush you under my shoe. Tejo says be careful, your shoe will tear and you will get hurt, I’m alone enough.

Pandit checks the Patri. He says that Tejo will write her fate alone, she will make the present and the future good. Rupy becomes happy. Tejo says a woman lives for her family and another type of woman lives for herself, I have now chosen the first type and can become the second type to take on you too, I also have a jasmine in me, it’s better if you don’t wake her up you’ll see the worst. Together daam…plays….

Rupy says, tell me, will someone come into her life who will love her and protect her. Baba ji says why do you want someone to protect her, she is strong herself. Angad says this will always be your home, don’t worry about money, give it when you have it, don’t worry. He hugs Khushbeer. He says I’m going now, Jasmin ji, I’ll keep coming to meet my friend, tell me if you want to play Antakshari, think until then Ye kya hua kaise hua…. He’s going to sing.

Tejo asks Khushbeer to keep the papers safe. Jasmin says I see you, why does Angad help you so much, he is a big businessman, is he just a friend or something more than that. Fateh gets angry. Jasmin says Angad will come here every day, he will stay in your bedroom. Tejo berates her and says you don’t know what friendship is, you haven’t made a real friend, you don’t even have your Maayka and Sasural, you’re alone. Jasmin says shut up, you’re not staying here, wait. She pushes Tejo and goes.

Jasmin takes a rope and knots it. She says I stay with everyone and you alone. Fateh says this cannot happen. Jasmin asks if it can happen that Amrik will go to jail. Gurpreet stops him. Jasmin says we will have two sides now, you all stay with your bahu, if anyone goes to her then he will go out, you all have no relationship with her. Tejo says you can’t stop me from looking after this family or coming for Fateh. Jasmin says I’ll see you. She goes. Harman says Fateh and Tejo will be united or not, this is what you wanted to know. Rupy says baba didn’t tell us anything. Harman says she is a good-hearted girl, she will write her fate alone. Rupy says yes, she lives on her terms, she respects everyone, I know she is not weak, how long will she take responsibility. Khushbeer says I pawned the house in distress, I saw hope in Angad. Fateh says we all know you would have made the right decision, don’t worry, I’ll clear the house soon. Gurpreet says the wish of the Lord, if you have not mortgaged the house how would Tejo come here, everything is done before dinner. Jasmin calls her and asks her to make tea. Gurpreet makes the tea. She burns her hand by pouring tea on her hand. Tejo skips the rope and runs to Gurpreet. Everyone comes and worries. Gurpreet says his good Tejo arrived on time. Fateh says you don’t work in the kitchen from now on. She says it’s okay. Tejo asks her to rest. Jasmin says you’ve exceeded your limits again, why. Tejo says Gurpreet was injured, your humanity has died. Jasmin says stop it, rules are rules, someone else can pay for your deed. She sees Amrik. She asks Tejo to go. Tejo moves. She pulls on her dupatta and drops Jasmin. Mahi, Amrik and Simran laugh. Tejo asks Jasmin to at least learn to stand on her land. She goes to her side and now happily asks. Jasmin thinks I’ll see you step on my land. She goes. Tejo gestures everyone to smile.

Tejo says I saw no other way. Rupy says your decision is wrong, Jasmin will harass you. Fateh meets Angad somewhere. He says I’m coming to talk about you, not Jasmin, what do you want, what’s your plan. Angad says we will sit and talk, we are not enemies. Fateh says I’m not sure, you’re my friend or foe, you knew all about me, you didn’t tell me Dad pawned the house share, why are you helping Tejo now. Angad asks what problem do you have with this, are you jealous. Tejo say I know we are responsible for this too Jasmin is the daughter of this house it will be good if I stay with them and protect them how is my decision wrong tell me. She asks everyone. Bebe says your decision is right. Angad says I love Tejo, I love her, she’s so good, you know this, I couldn’t stop myself, she was alone, I wanted to become her support. Fateh says don’t tell me what true love is, I know well, you threatened me that night, I saw another Angad that night, it wasn’t love, it was madness. Angad says I saw madness in that Fateh who cheated on his wife and had an affair with her sister. Fateh says that was my past. Angad says you and Tejo have no relation to my past. Tejo says, pray that all will be well and that I come back to you, bless me, otherwise I cannot stay there in peace. Rupy says I’m afraid Fateh could hurt you again. Angad say I know I fell in love I got mad I made a mistake I want to right it too I understood Tejo just loves Fateh I can never have her but I can keep friendship I will keep it I promised her I’ll always be there for her so I helped her, don’t think I’m a big villain, it’s better for us. Fateh says I believe you because of Tejo, otherwise it’s not easy for me to forget that side of you, you’ve done my family a lot of favors, but I’ll keep an eye on you, if I think you’re acting smart, then I will forget your favors.

front hood:
Tejo and Fateh see each other and are asleep. Jasmin looks on angrily and tells me to break their bond, until then my vengeance will not be fulfilled.

Update written today will be published soon.

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