Top Rated Manufacturing Companies in Bangalore

Get the top Manufacturing companies that are located in Bangalore, Karnataka with contact number and address details. It is among the most desirable cities of India to set up and settle up manufacturing firms. Due to its central position and the availability of raw material, it has emerged as an important center for manufacturing firms within South India. It is connected via railway and roads transport system, which is advantageous to transport finished and raw materials in large quantities. Transporting freight and cargo to international destinations is handled in Bangalore because it is home to one of the largest international airports of India. Due to its excellent connectivity, the majority of investors select Bangalore as a suitable site for the establishment of manufacturing companies.

The manufacturing firms are well kept and are equipped with the equipment needed for proper production and transport. They use high-end procedures and safety protocols that ensure their employees are in a secure environment . They can also make preventive measures in event of an emergency. The products they sell are tested and packaged before being shipped out to be delivered across various locations, both domestic and international.

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This is the oldest manufacturing company in Bangalore that was was founded in 1964. This company focuses on the development of large-scale railway parts, coaches, wagons, and other railway equipment.

Bosch Ltd.

It first started its operations in the year 1922 and is one of the top-rated companies in the field of industrial and mobility solutions in India. It has top-rated workers who are highly dedicated to improving their services for the clients.

Bharat Electronics Ltd

This is a well-reputed company that produces electrical equipment required in the field of defense and non-defence sectors. It produces efficient radar and communication systems that are required for maintaining high levels of security in the border areas.

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd

This company has its headquarters in Bangalore and mainly operates in the aerospace sector. It produces a variety of aircraft maintenance tools and parts along with panel and radar detection instruments.

United Breweries Ltd

This company produces world-class beer and other beverages that are rich in taste and quality. Most of their products are exported to foreign countries including Russia, Europe, and some parts of southeast Asia.

Titan Company Ltd

This company is a leading manufacturer of watches in India and was established in 1984. They produce specially designed wristwatches for both men and women that are unique in design and comfortable to wear.

3M India Limited

This company is located in Bangalore and produces a variety of healthcare, electronics, automobile equipment in India. It has well-developed machinery and training support that helps to produce products in bulk quantities.

Britannia Industries Ltd.

This company is one of the leading manufacturers of biscuits in India. This company highly focuses on high nutrient value and quality to ensure healthy living standards among the common people.

Page Industries Ltd (Jockey)

This company produces a wide range of clothing accessories that are required in bulk quantities on a daily basis. They have well-maintained and trained staff who ensure to provide the highest quality clothing material for their apparel.

Strides Pharma Science Ltd

This is a Bangalore-based company that mainly focuses on IP-led niche finished dosage formulations and research. This company is a leading manufacturer of world-class soft Gelatin capsules that are exported abroad.

Sobha Ltd

This is a Bangalore-based company that manufactures interior products and designs for a better living. They have more than 3400 employees and have an efficient operations management system to ensure the quality and durability of their products.


This is a top-rated electronics manufacturing company in Bangalore that specializes mainly in computer and laptop peripherals. It has received great feedback from its customers and most of its products are used in IT companies.


This company was first started in a garage but today is one of the leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical products in India. It employs more than 9000 people and has a well-established research and development center that fosters innovation and new technology.


This company produces high-quality antiretroviral drugs that are tested and verified before they are sent out for human consumption. They have maintained a legacy of well-established products that have helped to retain a large customer base for a long time.


This is one of the leading companies that produce electrical appliances both for domestic and commercial purposes. They focus on maintaining high safety standards and come with great design and features in their products that include switches, fans, coolers, chimneys, etc.

Devilog Systems

This company produces pumps and oil filter sensors in bulk quantities that are tested and approved by their team experts. They are leading in the field of automotive original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and have high industry standards during the production process.


This company focuses mainly on MRO development and design manufacturing development. It produces efficient and fire-alarm systems that are essentially required for emergency purposes.

Promac India

This company produces a variety of products required in the field of civil construction and was established in 1987. It is a heavy engineering company that is great for coal management and cement manufacturing.

Himatsingka Seide Ltd

Established in 1985, this is a well-developed cloth manufacturing company in Bangalore whose products are in high demand nowadays. They have well-maintained machinery that produces fine quality clothes of various designs and patterns.

Rajesh Exports Ltd.

This company was established in 1995 and is one of the top 500 fortune companies in India. This gold manufacturing company has received great recognition and also produces gems and other ornamental products with great design and durability.

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