Thapki Pyar Ki 5th January 2022 Written Update

Purab and Thapki looking at the globe of the dancing couple. He asks which store he bought it from. Thapki says that he has watched videos for 10 hours and he did. He asks how did you do it? Thapki explains. He says you are innocent, I love it. He thanks you. Thapki says I thought about wishing you a Happy New Year and then gifting you this, but I couldn’t spend New Years Eve with you. He takes her to see the first sunrise of the new year and says that I felt it with you for the first time. He wishes her a happy next year and they are about to hug and her head bumps. They laugh and hug. Purab brings strawberry cake. She gets happy and asks if she didn’t sleep all night. She says your snoring keeps me from sleeping. She says I don’t snore. He says okay, you argue, I’ll finish the cup cakes. Thapki says no. They eat the cupcakes and take the last one. He says that we will share everything to half of her and forces her to eat it. He also makes her eat it and smile. He says it’s 7 in the morning. Dadi has saved Morning Puja for the new year.

Sudha asks Preeti to wash the utensils. Preeti says that he doesn’t do poor people’s work. Sudha says I asked you to catch a rich man and I didn’t ask you to act rich. Preeti says that she has to show the tantrums of the rich to get rich. Ashok talks to Anchun and asks him to get 1 kg sweets, so they can take them to Thapki’s house. Sudha tries to stop him. Ashok asks her to get 2 Kgs. Preeti suggests to Sudha that she call Jaya, so that the housework is finished. Sudha refuses. Preeti asks him to eat in Langar, since the utensils will not be washed here. Sudha thinks about why Preeti wants to go to Thapki’s house. Thapki wishes Jaya a happy new year and says that everything seems to be food and that life begins and it is peaceful. Jaya says I have prayed for you, this year will be the happiest year for you. Thapki says he wanted to tell you something and sees traces of Sindoor on his Maang. She asks him.

Sudha asks Preeti what’s going on and sees her ready. She says that even yesterday you went there with Anchun. Preeti says that it may be that I like someone or that someone likes him, and he will feel rich. Sudha asks where you got your clothes and earrings from. Preeti says my boss is happy with me and he gave me a bonus too. Sudha asks for real and asks him to spend something on her. Preeti thinks her mother is very smart.

Thapki asks Jaya what she is hiding from him. Jaya says I met your dad yesterday and he has filled my Maang. Thapki gets upset. Jaya says you’ve kept this from me, so I don’t worry. She says I met your dad and understood everything. Thapki asks why you got Sindoor from that person. Jaya says make you legit. Thapki refuses to accept him as his father and says that I am only your daughter, not his. He says that when he found out that Hansika is his daughter and has a wife, I don’t need him. She asks if you need someone in life. Jaya says nobody, if you are with me. She asks him not to cry. Hansika listens to them and thinks that I will never forgive you, Dad, and that I will teach this mother-daughter duo a separate lesson.

Priyanka comes to Sagar and wakes him up with her hair wet. She screams calling her a witch. Priyanka gets mad. She says you are my Chameli Ka Phool. She asks him to get ready for Aarti and finds a pink scarf in her pants. She questions him. He makes an excuse and says that I love you. He asks himself to be careful.

Preeti and Sudha come to Veena’s house. Sudha says that she has brought sweets. Purab calls Mohan and asks him to serve them breakfast and tea. She takes Jaya with him. Dadi says that all couples will make Aarti together on New Years, and before that, they will fill the Maang of the respective wife. Vinod applies Sindoor to Veena. Hansika asks Sapna about her husband. Sapna says Veena sent him to America to run the business there, which is why she tortures Veena. Sagar stops seeing Preeti, but applies Sindoor to Priyanka. Purab applies Sindoor to Thapki’s forehead. Hansika asks Sapna to play Thapki’s band by turning on the fan. Sapna turns on the fan. Everyone looks at Jaya with Sindoor on her Maang.

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