Thapki Pyar Ki 2 25th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Purab asking Jaya where she wants to take Thapki. Jaya says she is taking Thapki back home as you guys never trusted my daughter, for loving this family my daughter got insults. She confronts Veena and Purab for treating Thapki badly then she asks Dadi why she didn’t support Thapki when she needed it. Thapki tries to stop her but she won’t. Jaya says until now I’m silent for Thapki but my patience died when I got to know you’re using my daughter to save your company. She asks Purab, won’t he is selfish.

Purab says he apologised to Thapki many times and he requests her to not separate Thapki from him. Jaya says you guys may hurt her again which I won’t let happen. Thapki asks why she is doing it. Jaya says your name is cleaned and you don’t have any blame on you so leave from here. Dadi asks Jaya to rethink her decision. Jaya says Purab didn’t complete his phera’s with Thapki, so why to stop her, she can’t be his half wife so don’t stop us. Purab holds Thapki’s hand but Jaya takes Thapki with her.

Preeti thinks she didn’t think she have to do this for loving Sagar. She does situp and records it. Priyanka comes there and pushes her intentionally then she asks what’s she doing outside leaving the party. Preeti says she got punishment from her trainer. Priyanka asks her to come inside but Preeti tells she has to do it. Priyanka asks her to do it in front of her telling she will help her by counting it. Preethi does sit-ups then Priyanka counts them.

Priyanka brings register post. She asks Purab to check it telling she is feeling that it’s related to their Veena records. Purab checks it and tells everyone that, the company has preponed the date and if we don’t pay them within 10 days then we will lose everything. Dadi says our house Laxmi left, she asks Purab to get Thapki back by requesting Jaya. Veena says no need to beg Jaya, she wants us to hold her feet and we didn’t insult Thapki intentionally and it’s an equal mistake from her side too.

Purab stops her telling her he will go to Thapki. Veena says Thapki cares for her Mom, not for them. Purab says it’s about his love for Thapki and he tells them that he will win back Thapki by proving his love to Jaya. Dadi blesses him. Vinod tells him he will handle the court case with Sagar and asks him to get back their bahu. Purab agrees.

Sudha stops Jaya and Thapki from entering the house and she questions why Thapki is reentering their place. Preeti comes there and tells Jaya is the one who bring Thapki here, they didn’t throw her out. Jaya asks Thapki to go inside as we are paying the rent. Sudha agrees. Purab comes to his room and reminisces his moments with Thapki. He calls Thapki. She closes the door and attends his video call and asks him to take her far. Purab asks if she can live without family. Thapki denies. Purab says I know, that’s why I decided to get you back with Jaya Mom’s blessings by winning her trust. Jaya tells everything to Sudha.

Sudha asks if she is mad to ruin her daughter’s life by making her alone. Jaya says she is with her daughter. Ashok tells he is with Thapki too. Sudha asks if they are mad. Ashok tells Signhania family Ill treated Thapki. Sudha warns Jaya and Thapki to leave their house. Ashok sends Jaya to her Mom. Thapki tells him she trusts him that he will win her Mom’s heart. Purab tells her it’s time for him to spend the night without her.

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