Thapki Pyar Ki 2 22nd March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Hansika is asking Purab to help her in packing leaving his work as they have a flight in the next one hour. Purab tells her he is finishing his work to enjoy on honeymoon. Hansika sees Thapki is coming to the room then Hansika sits on Purab’s lap and asks him to kiss her. Purab asks her to close her eyes then he burps which irritates her. Purab tells her they can try again.

Hansika tells they can try on the honeymoon. Purab smiles seeing Thapki. Hansika tells him that she received the message from her Mom that the ticket arrived and she tells him that she will collect them and leaves. Purab tells Thapki that now everything depends on her performance and asks her to perform well.

Hansika is about to sit in the call but Thapki spoils her car with gobar. She asks Purab to give her 50%share to her as she realised that he won’t become her. Hansika tells her she won’t get any. Thapki warns to spoil their peace. Purab agrees to give her 50 percent of the property and asks her to give him time to talk with her Mom. Hansika says she has to talk with her Mom too. Veena denies giving half property to Thapki. Purab makes her agree with his emotional drama. Dadi also supports him.

Hansika tells her Mom that Purab will find that more shares are on my name if he starts paperwork. Anjali says there is a way, we can have a list of other half property which we can give to her and in future, if the truth comes out then also they can’t do anything as you become the full owner. Hansika agrees. Hansika comes to Veena’s room and tells them that she will do paperwork. Veena agrees. Purab tells Hansika that she has to sign some papers too. She agrees. Sagar makes Priyanka beat him with Eggs and Tomatoes. He thinks to find who is a blackmailer.

Lawyer arrives at Purab’s place and tells him that Hansika is clever and she sent the list of properties that is not in her name. Purab asks him to prepare new papers. Thapki tells them they can file a forgery case on Hansika once it’s done. Purab tells they have to file an attempt to murder case too. Later Purab signs the papers and asks Hansika to sign on them. Hansika signs them. Thapki feels happy and thanks Maata rani for helping them. Purab gives half property papers to Thapki then she throws her suitcase and warns her to leave his place. Thapki takes Dadi’s blessing. She is about to take Veena’s blessings. Veena stops her and curses her that she will lose everything.

Thapki feels bad and leaves the house in tears. Her purse falls to the ground. She takes her money. Dadi feels bad recalling the old incident. Thapki leaves. Purab comes to Dadi. Dadi says she is feeling like their house Lakshmi is leaving. Purab says you know it’s drama. Dadi tells him she feels something wrong will happen. Purab assures her everything will be good.

Thapki calls Purab and tells him what if Veena’s curse becomes true. Purab tells it won’t and he asks her to notarize the papers then mom will have the 100% of the property then we can file a forgery case and Attempt to murder case on Hansika then Mom will praise you so do it quickly before Hansika takes me to honeymoon otherwise I have to spike her drinks again. Hansika overhears their conversation and learns she doesn’t have Purab or Property and she thinks to prove to them that she is ringmaster of this game.

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