Thapki Pyar Ki 2 21st March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Hansika is trying to get intimate with Purab. Thapki feels bad seeing them. Purab stands up leaving Hansika. Hansika asks why she feels he doesn’t want Thapki to leave their lives. Thapki signs Purab to stay. Purab talks romantically with Hansika. Thapki leaves in tears and she dashes with Dadi. Dadi asks her why she is crying. Thapki tells her Purab is trapped and she doesn’t know what to do. Dadi tells her she knows what to do.

Hansika tries to kiss him. Dadi removes the fuse and tells Thapki that Hansika can’t do anything in the darkness. Purab tells Hansika they can celebrate later and tells her that he will set the fuse. Hansika tells him romance doesn’t need light and tries to get closer to him. Purab stops her telling her he will bring wine for their celebrations. Thapki hugs Dadi. Dadi asks her to never consider she is alone. Purab brings wine and praises the decorations and music. They drink wine. Hansika makes him fall on the bed along with her.

Next morning Hansika wakes up and notices Purab is sleeping beside her shirtless and she messages Thapki to come to the room to witness the truth of last night. Hansika wakes up Purab. Thapki comes there and leaves in tears seeing their position. Hansika tells him Thapki is not in between them. Purab thanks her for last night and he sends her to freshen up.

Purab comes to Thapki’s room and sees all things are shattered and asks her why did you break all this. Thapki says last night you broke my heart and you are worried about these things. Purab by mistake steps on broken glass. Thapki gets worried. Purab says I have done nothing last night, only you have right over me and you know that you have right on my love. Thapki nods yes and hugs him then tells him that she was scared seeing them in that compromised position.

Purab tells her how he made Hansika sleep by adding Dadi’s sleeping pill in her drink and this morning I removed my shirt to make Hansika believe that something happened between us last night and you’re the only one who has right on my love. Thapki smiles. Purab kisses her.

Hansika on the call tells her Mom that Purab is belonged to her and tells her plan of making fun of Thapki and she goes to Thapki room and notices broken things. Purab and Thapki hide from her behind the cupboard. Hansika thinks Thapki’s heart is broken badly and she goes near the cupboard but before she catches them Dadi stops her and takes her with her telling her she needs a foot massage.

Purab tells Thapki that they got saved. Thapki agrees and asks him from when they act in this way and asks him to search way to get rid of Hansika. Purab tells he has a plan to punish Hansika for her crimes. Sagar messages Preethi to meet him to figure out Blackmailer to teach a lesson to him. He asks Priyanka to switches on the geyser. She tells him it’s already on. He goes to take bath then she checks his message and plans to teach a lesson to him. She calls him telling him he received a message from a private number.

Sagar comes out and takes the phone. Priyank leaves. Sagar notices the message that he has to get punished with his wife by making her hit him with eggs and tomatoes. Priyanka thinks she will see how he does it. Veena asks Dadi why Purab called them. Purab comes there with Hansika and tells them that he is going on a honeymoon with Hansika to Kashmir. Veena tells he chose the correct decision. Purab thinks Hansika will get exposed before the flight takes off and she will be out from our lives.

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