Thapki Pyar Ki 2 15th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Thapki saying Hansika is lying and she pushed Purab from the cliff and tells them what happened They stand shocked hearing that. Veena slaps Thapki and says you crossed the level of ill manners by blaming Hansika and why will she push Purab when she loves him. She asks Amma if still wants to support Thapki. Dadi says she is not understanding what to say. Anjali says Thapki is taking revenge for old issues.

Thapki is about to say something but Veena stops her telling her they won’t believe her. Dadi says they can’t decide anything until Purab gains consciousness. Nurse informs them Purab gained consciousness and the Doctor takes him for a test. Veena and others meet Purab and feel happy. Purab asks Thapki to leave and says I already told you yesterday in mandap that my wife is just Hansika. Thapki leaves.

Purab holds his head. Hansika comes to Purab’s side. He assures her that he will become her protection. Dadi tells him that his marriage happened one month before and asks him how he met with an accident. Anjali signs Hansika to observe everything. Purab asks them how he came to the hospital. Doctor takes them out.

Dadi asks Doctor what happened to Purab. Thapki comes there. Doctor tells them Purab forgot the last 30 days because of the partial amnesia caused by shock. Hansika feels happy. Doctor asks them to keep Purab away from negativity. Veena tells Doctor she will keep negativity away from her son seeing Thapki.

At home, Thapki comes to Purab with his tablets. Hansika takes tablets from Thapki and reminds Doctor words. Purab asks Thapki to leave then he takes his tablets given by Hansika and asks her to give him a laptop to check his emails. Hansika asks him to take a rest saying everything is good. Hansika meets Thapki and tells her that she is a loser who lost her family and husband. Thapki says you pushed him from the cliff so don’t call him husband. Hansika says he doesn’t remember it and noone believes you so stay in your room as I’m going to celebrate Holi with my Purab.

Thapki cries in her room. She notices the dress on the bed and thinks who might have kept it here. Purab pulls her to the closet. Thapki says to Purab, what are you doing here. Purab tells her that he is acting like losing his memory. Thapki asks why.

Purab tells her that Anjali named shares and property in Hansika’s name and they planned to bring our family on roads that’s why I took help of Doctor who’s my friend and acted like losing memory as we don’t have any way to save our Veena records if Hansika sells her shares. Thapki asks how it helps them. Purab tells her he will take back shares with the money created with Sawari’s song. Thapki says then I won’t leave her as she tried to kill you. Purab says she tried to kill you too so I don’t leave her and she will get her punishment.

Purab asks her to leave about Hansika and says asks her to tell him 3 words which she didn’t tell him that day. Thapki says she didn’t remember. Purab tells her he will make her remember and says I love. Thapki makes him come out from the closet saying not here. Thapki feeling shy. Purab says to her, You are always romantic and now you are shying away. Hansika comes there and asks what’s happening. Purab manages telling Thapki is pulling him towards her.

Thapki tells she is doing the same for last 30 days. Hansika warns her to stay away from Purab. Thapki tells she won’t. Hansika tells she won’t let her come near Purab and takes him to Aarti of Holi. Thapki comes to pooja wearing a dress gifted by Purab. He signs her super then both of them send flying kisses to eachother.

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