Thapki Pyar Ki 2 14th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Hansika threatening Thapki at gunpoint and trying to shoot her. Purab comes on a bike and saves Thapki. Seeing Purab, Hansika tries to manage the situation but Purab says enough Hansika as I heard everything. Purab catches Hansika by the neck and puts her to the wall and asks how could you do these things with Sargam knowing how much she is important to her and he chokes Hansika. Thapki tries to stop Purab from choking her.

Thapki asks him to leave her but Purab is not Rady to listen but still listens to Thapki and leaves Hansika. Thapki tries to calm him down. Purab gets emotional and hugs Thapki. Hansika couldn’t stand seeing this and pushes them away from each other. Hansika seeing them says that she crossed every line to make him close to her but you reject me, This decision is going to cost you a lot Purab Singhania and you rejected me because of Thapki who stutters and talks.

Purab says because of this woman’s voice you earned money and even my mom liked you and what have you done? you sent Thapki from home by false allegations, even then she came back to stand beside my family even though everybody hates her that’s the reason I choose her over you and the friendship between us ends today Hansika, from now on you are dead to me. Thapki says thank you Hansika and there is no recording and I only said that so you could do something like this and I already talked to Purab yesterday.

Purab leaves with Thapki and they come to a beautiful place and remember their happy moments with each other. Purab apologies to Thapki. Thapki says no. Purab says dint say it, Sargam may never be in that condition if I listen to you and I couldn’t be a good life partner, because of me, everyone hates you. Thapki says if I were in your place even I wouldn’t trust you. Purab says to her, but now I will fix everything and give you all rights. Thapki smiles. He says Thapki I love, Hansika hears them and says Purab you didn’t say I love you to me I won’t let you say it to Thapki, she pushes Thapki.

Thapki falls from the cliff. Purab gets shocked. Thapki holds cliff edge and shouts for help. Purab saves her by pulling up. Hansika gets mad. She pushes Purab while trying to throw Thapki. Purab falls down the cliff. Thapki runs to search for him and cries badly by collapsing on the floor. Blood falls on her hand then she notices Purab in a tree branch. She rushes him to the hospital.

The doctor takes Purab to ICU and assures her that he will take care of Purab as he is his friend too. Thapki prays Bappa to save Purab. Hansika receives her Mom’s call and shares her sorry. Anjali tells her she has a plan and asks her to come out. Hansika meets Anjali. Anjali asks her to not worry. Veena comes to the hospital and asks Hansika where is Purab. Hansika in tears says he is in ICU.

Thapki tells he is in observation and can’t meet him. Vinod asks how it happened. Hansika tells them they drank bhang and danced when Sawari didn’t come to shoot and he fell from a cliff in his intoxicated state. Thapki says she is lying and tells them how Hansika pushed Purab. Family members get shocked.

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