Thapki Pyar Ki 1st February 2022 Written Update

Hansika Getting Thapki’s Mangalsutra Stuck In The Basket And Then Keeps It On Her Head. The Mangasultra Breaks. Everyone Is Shocked. Purab Looks At Them. Veena Devi Scolds Thapki And Says I Had Told You That This Mangalsutra Shouldn’t Break Or Taken Off By You. Dadi Asks Her To Calm Down. Veena Says She Couldn’t Protect Her Mangalsutra And Can’t Sit In The Puja. She Says She Won’t Let Her Sit In Puja Without Wearing Mangalsutra. Thapki Tells Veena That She Will Tie The Mangalsutra Back Before Puja Starts. Veena Says Just 2 Hours Are Remaining In Puja And Asks When You Will Make Prasad And Other Stuff. Hansika Is Happy. Dadi Asks Veena, Why She Is Worrying And Says Hansika Will Help Her, Being Her Sister. Hansika Says Why Not? Veena Tells That Mangalsutra Beads Shall Be 151 And It Shall Be Properly Tied. Hansika Thinks Your Mangalsutra Can’t Be Tied Again And Then Veena’s Anger Will Burst On Her.

Priyanka Thinks To Get Hansika Make Chula. Hansika Thinks She Shall Make Priyanka Make Chula. Priyanka Tells Hansika That She Wants Her To Make Chula So That She Can Get Purab. Hansika Asks Her To Make Chula And Tells That You Might Become Mother. Priyanka Asks Her To Make It. They Argue. Priyanka Says I Am Online Influencer. Hansika Says You Are Cheap, Loser And Irritating. Dadi Scolds Them And Asks Them To Make Chula Fast, As Pandit Ji Will Come. Hansika And Priyanka Sit To Make Chula.

Dadi Asks Them To Do It Properly. Purab Comes And Helps Thapki To Pick The Beads, And Says He Is Doing This So That She Don’t Get Late And Not Because To Help Her. He Asks Her To Hurry Up And Says We Don’t Have Much Time.

Anchul Makes The Food For The Girl And Hopes She Likes It. Ashok Comes And Asks If She Is Someone Special. Anchul Says Yes. Ashok Gets Happy And Tells About Her. He Hears The Door Bell And Goes To Open The Door. He Takes A Heavy Breath. Ashok Says I Will Open The Door.

Ashok Opens The Door. Anchul Says She Is Urvashi. Urvashi Smiles. Thapki Thinks To Get The Thread. Purab Brings Thread And Says Nothing Can Be More Sacred Than This Maula, Use It. Thapki Sits On The Bed To Make The Mangalsutra. Purab Thinks There Will Be So Much Time, I Have To Do Something. He Sits To Tie Mangalsutra Beads At The Other Side. They Look At Each Other While Tying The Beads. Thapki Checks And Tells That 2 Beads Are Less In This. Veena Devi Thinks Even Pandit Ji Came, Where Is Thapki. Pandit Ji Says Just 5 Mins Left To Do Puja, And Says If The Time Goes, Then She Can’t Sit. Hansika Says If Thapki Don’t Sit Then Dadi And Veena Aunty Will Be Sad. Sapna Says Puja Is For My Son And Daughter In Law. Hansika Says But Thapki Is Pregnant. Thapki And Purab Come To The Hall. Hansika Asks If You Haven’t Worn Your Mangalsutra. Veena Asks If You Have Tied The Mangalsutra. Thapki Says Two Beads Are Missing. Veena Says You Can’t Do The Puja. She Says I Had Told That You Can’t Do The Puja With Missing Beads Mangalsutra. Thapki Doubts Hansika And Thinks She Has Hidden It. She Says I Want To Thank Hansika And Hugs Her Tightly. Veena Devi Says What Is This New Drama? She Takes Two Beads From Hansika’s Dupatta And Whispers In Her Ears, That She Is Not Clever. Thapki Then Thanks Hansika And Shows The Beads To Everyone. She Asks Pandit Ji To Apply Tika To Them. Purab Asks From Where Did You Get It? Thapki Says When We Came Here To Hall, I Saw Them Here And Says I Will Tie It. Purab Gets Doubtful. Thapki Asks Him To Make Her Wear It. Purab Makes Her Wear The Mangalsutra.

Thapki Holds Her Mangalsutra And Looks At Hansika. Pandit Ji Does Their Tika. They Sit To Do Puja. Urvashi Asks About His Family. Anchul Tells That His Sister Is Married To Purab Singhania, Veena Devi’s Son. Urvashi Thinks She Has To Be Careful And Says She Wants To Use Washroom. Thapki, Purab And Others Come To The Cow To Feed It, But Cow Doesn’t Take The Food From Her Hand. She Says It Was Fine Before Aarti. Hansika Thinks She Had Added Something In Grass, That Is Showing Effect, And Thinks Now This Puja Will Remain Incomplete. The Cow Makes Sound And Gets Restless. Everyone Gets Worried.

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