Thapki Pyar Ki 10th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Purab asks Veena what she wants? Veena Devi says I want you to divorce Thapki and marry Hansika. She says that Hansika was your first choice and that Thapki came into your life because of me, but luckily that mistake has been corrected. She asks what’s stopping you from marrying Hansika. Purab asks if you think marriage is a joke? Veena asks him to think from his head and says that Hansika is a good girl and saved Sargam, saved Veena records with her voice and asks what proof you want of her goodness. He says you’re making a decision out of guilt and says I can’t marry Hansika out of sympathy. Veena asks what’s your problem? He says I don’t love her. She says you don’t love Thapki either, not during the marriage and not now.

Jaya tells Thapki that Purab loves you and says the lie detector test showed it. She says they threw you out of the house, but not out of his heart. She asks where my Thapki is, who sometimes gets stuck, used all her courage to get out. Veena says you said this during the lie detector test. Purab says Sargam is in a coma, I’m worried about her. Veena says I’m her mother too and I’m worried about her too. He goes.

Jaya pats Thapki to give her courage and asks her to trust herself. She says falling is allowed, but not always. She says you have to fight until you succeed. Veena says that when Sargam opens her eyes, she will get bhabhi that deserves it. Thapki promises Sargam that she will help the family get rid of the Hansika disease. Veena Devi promises herself to let Purab marry Hansika.

Purab comes to the room and takes out his shirt. He remembers Thapki wearing it and smiling. He keeps it back and plays music. He reminisces about his moments with Thapki and imagines her giving him water. He smiles and takes the glass from her hand. He watches as his fantasy stops. Thapki cuts tomatoes in Ashok’s house and cuts her finger. She imagines that Purab comes there and sucks her finger and tells her that he can’t see her in pain, while he is angry with her. Her imagination stops hearing the stove whistle. She cries and sucks on her own finger. Purab comes to the swing and remembers their pani puri moment. He remembers Veena’s wish.

Thapki is crying in the kitchen. Jaya comes there and asks her not to cry. Thapki says these tears are not my defeat, I miss Purab. Jaya reminds her of her promise to Sargam. Thapki says I haven’t forgotten anything, I have to get Hansika out of the wheelchair the way she got up for me.

Purab talks to his employee to mail all the documents. Veena stops him. Purab says my decision will not change. What is Dadi asking? Veena says it’s between us. She asks him to go to an NGO and donate clothes in Sargam’s name. Purab says I’m going after the office.

Anchul tells Urvashi that he will let her meet Thapki once everything is in order. Urvashi pretends to be called and asks how can you throw me out of the hostel since I haven’t made a monthly payment yet. Anchul asks what happened? Urvashi tells that the owner has poor eyesight for her. He says we will file a complaint with the police. She says no, I have no evidence against him. She says I need your emotional support. Anchul asks where are you going to stay now? Urvashi says I gave up my job for NGO work and don’t know where to go. Anchul asks her to stay in his house as PG. He says mom and sister will like you too. She agrees and hugs him.

Purab is in the meeting and asks Thapki to reserve the best recording studio in town. He then realizes that she is not there and dismisses the meeting. Hansika comes there and holds his hand, says I understand that Thapki is in your heart even now. She asks why is he angry? He says I’m mad at myself for trusting her. He asks what is she doing here? Hansika says she came with him to an NGO to make some donations and spend time with children. He says let’s go. An employee hears them and sends messages to Thapki.

Thapki gets the message and tells Jaya that she’s been given the chance to expose Hansika. Jaya prays for Thapki. Purab gives clothes and gifts to children. Hansika gets annoyed and says why kids are annoyed, why people can’t be born big, thinks she wears them because of Purab, otherwise she wouldn’t have thrown grass on it. Purab sees a girl eating ice cream and reminisces about Thapki. A boy asks who that Didi is? Purab says she’s my childhood friend. Another boy asks Hansika to eat with him and takes her away from there. Hansika asks what work do you have with me? The boy says I have a present to bring you here. Hansika asks who gave it to you. The boy runs away.

Thapki apologizes to Mata Rani and thinks I have no choice but to do this. Hansika sees her and says I didn’t send you a wedding invitation, so why did you come back? She says people will think you’re crazy as much as you follow me. Thapki says it’s your fault to take Purab and your name at the same time. Hansika says you should have argued yesterday. Thapki asks what do you think I will leave my family and Purab and give them to you. Hansika says you didn’t give them to me, I took them from you. Thapki says you are stupid and says my husband only loves me, you didn’t understand now and say our relationship is one step ahead in our relationship. Hansika says enough and says that Purab does not love you, and says that if he had loved you, he would not have thrown you out of his life and home. She says Purab will love me, if not now I will force him to do it after marriage. Thapki says it’s your big misunderstanding, live it. She goes outside and closes the door. She remembers putting kerosene oil in the room and lighting the fire. She says I want to get Hansika’s truth out to everyone. Hansika screams at the sight of the fire and calls out Thapki. She says there is a fire in the room and thinks why the wheelchair doesn’t move. Thapki thinks I locked your wheelchair and remembers fixing the camera, thinks you have no choice but to get up and run. She finds the wheelchair locked and thinks why Thapki is so smart. She calls for help.

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