Thapki Pyaar Ki 22nd February 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Purab returning home. Anjali asks Purab to stay and asks him to continue with marriage rituals by doing the grah Pravesh. Veena agrees. Sapna says she didn’t expect this change in Thapki. Priyanka tells we are still underestimating her and I don’t think she will leave. Veena performs Aarti to Purab and Hansika. She asks Purab to finish the ritual by holding Hansika.

Purab carries Hansika in his arms and is about to hit the rice pot just then, Thapki comes and hits the rice pot along with Purab. Veena gets angry. Thapki says don’t look at me angry as who completed 3 pheras can’t kick the pot so I did it as I completed 4 pheras and she asks Dhol people to start the music and she dances happily. Then she asks them to stop and asks Veena to perform her aarti. Veena looks reluctant then she makes do the Aarti then she asks Veena to bless her. Veena turns her face. Thapki asks her to forget old things as I came here in a new way with swag. Priyank and Sapna enjoy the drama.

Thapki says, Purab took pheras with me, filled my maang, made me wear mangal sutras, so according to it I’m his wife and she holds his hand. Purab gets angry. Dadi asks Thapki, what are you doing and why? Thapki says I will tell you so first bless me and she takes her blessings and tells she came to secure her future as I learned from my Mom that we didn’t get anything if we are good and I plan to marry Purab completely but it didn’t happen but half marriage happened and half of whatever belongs to Purab is mine.

Everyone looks on. Anjali asks won’t she have shame to ask the share of the property and raises her hand to slap her but Thapki stops her holding her hand and tells I’m not asking but telling that I have a right and stay in your limits as you’re not my mom. Hansika asks can she talk with her Mom in that way. Thapki says marriage is over and she asks Anjali to leave the house before she started charging rent for her. Hansika says enough and asks her Mom to leave saying she can’t bear her insult. Thapki asks Dhol people to start the music. Anjali leaves. Purab shouts to stop everything. Thapki says ok as it’s my husband’s order and she sends Dhol people giving them money.

Purab asks Thapki what’s she doing. Thapki says you held my hand for a lifetime then why you’re getting excited. Purab leaves her hand. Thapki says I will answer your questions and you feel that I don’t have qualifications to stay here but I already mentioned that I have half rights on your everything so I will stay here as you belong to me for 4 births and I won’t divorce or leave you and I will make here my world. Hansika tells Purab is not your husband and he is my husband. Thapki asks what to call her sautan or stepsister. Priyanka smiles.

Thapki says she will show her rights on everywhere as half of everything is belongs to her. Veena says not everything as this family is not yours and they stand with Hansika. Hansika says you can get property and money but you don’t have any share in love. Thapki says you have family support but I have the support of my mangal sutra and sindoor which my husband gave me.

Hansika says husband who gave those things to you is with me, am I right Purab. Purab leaves from there. Veena takes Hansika inside. Thapki asks Maata rani to forgive her and she tells her that she is going it to save her family. A flower falls from Maata rani.

Priyanka acts like Thapki and she tells her husband that she loves this Thapki who’s a strong, not old boring one and I’m inspired with this new Thapki. Sagar asks if she wants to become his half wife. Priyanka threatens to kill him if he ever does it but I know you won’t do it, am I right. Sagar agrees and thinks to solve Preethi’s problem before it goes out of his hands.

Purab comes to his room and recalls Thapki’s words. Hansika holds his hand and asks him to not take the stress and assures him that she will support him. Purab take back his hand. Thapki throws flowers on them and tells she brought milk to make it more romantic. Hansika asks her to leave their room. Thapki sits on the bed.

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