Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 6th January 2022 Written Update

Krisha Does Arti. Minakshi Says Your Voice Is So Good. I Am Also Good Singer. My Guru Ji Said I Sound Like K.. Naina Says Koyal. Krisha Says Were You Singing Last Night Too? I Heard Someone Singing. Naina Says The One Who Sued To Sing Is No More. Ma.. Jaya Says Devraj’s Mom Used To Sing As Well. Krisha Says In Heart Was Naina Going To Say Naina? Devraj Asks Krisha Did You Hear Someone Singing? Is That Why You Were In The Hall? She Says I Might Be Imagining. Devraj Says Yes. He Takes The Arti. Krisha Says There’s Something Going On. I Need To Find Out. Krisha Says Maya Didn’t Use To Do This Pooja Every Day. Krisha Says So You Want To Take That Away From Me Too? He Says Will Have To Do That On Time Too. Krisha Says What Time?

Everyones Comes For Breakfast. Krisha Says Where Is Rati? Jaya Says She’s Not Well. Krisha Says Let Me Take Her Breakfast To Her Room. Jaya Says You’re A Princess. There Are Many Servants. Krisha Says And Her Friend Too. I Don’t Need Any Designation To Be There For Someone. Minakshi Says Ugra Gets So Angry We Don’t Even Need A Heater. Krisha Takes The Breakfast. Aarav Stops Her. He Says Take This Pot Too. It Has Upma. Rati Really Likes It. Krisha Opens It. There’s A Food Inside It. Devraj Asks What Happened? Krisha Says Was Checking If It Has Everything. Devraj Stops Krisha. He Says You Forgot The Spoon.

Krisha Comes To Her Room And Hides The Pot. Aarav Says You Returned My Phone So I Got You A New One. She Says Thank You. Aarav Says I Shouldn’t Ask But What’s Going On? Do You Wanna Leave Us? Krisha Says I.. Devraj Comes. He Says You Were Going To Rati’s Room. Krisha Says Was Going There Only. Devraj Says Where Is Upma Bowl? Krisha Says That’s Why I Stopped. I Broke It. Sujata Is Bringing The Other Bwol. She Leaves.

Scene 2
Krisha Comes To Rati’s Room And Says Rati Bhabhi? Are You Okay? She Is Not In Her Room. Krisha Looks Around. She Says Where Is Rati? Krisha Sees Roma Going Behind A Shelf. Krisha Sees Her Taking Food. Krisha Says Who Lives Behind It? Someone Else Who I Dont’know About? Who Was She Taking Food For?

Devraj Is Taking His Meeting. He Sees Krisha’s Tracker. He Says Krisha Isn’t In Her Room? Krisha Says I’ve To Find Out What’s Going On In This Temple. Krisha Sees Rati Sneaking Out. She Asks Rati Where Are You Going? She Says Hospital Reports? You Don’t Look Okay. Rati Says I Was Weak. Krisha Says Why Were You Sneaking In? Krisha Sees Her Pregnancy Reports. Krisha Says Are You Pregnant? Rati Says I Am Fine. It’s All Due To Pregnancy. But I Don’t Wanna Tell Anyone. Why Are You Hiding From Everyone? RAti Says There’s A Huge Celebration And A Lot Of Rituals When Someone Is Pregnant. I Don’t Wanna Do All That Till Raghav.. I Hope He Realizes His Mistake. Would You Forgive Him? I Know You Don’t Trust Him.

Rati Says If He Repents.. I Would Want My Child To Be Around His Dad. Krisha Says I Will Forgive Him For You And Your Child. Rati Says Thank You. Women Are Forgiving. No Matter What They’ve Done To You. Krisha Recalls What Devraj Did To Her. Rati Says Promise Me You Won’t Tell Anyone? Krisha Says I Won’t. You Have To Take Care Of Yourself And If Anything Happens, Let Me Know. Rati Says What Were You Saying? What Did You See? The Maid Says To Krisha Devraj Is Calling You. Ugra Brings Juice For Rati. She Says Did You Drink It? Rati Drinks It. Krisha Is Confused To See Ugra Being So Good To Her.

Scene 3
Krisha Asks Devraj You Called Me? He Says Yes. He Sees The Client Seeing Krisha Through The Vide Call. Devraj Says Disgusting, He Says Why Are You Moving Around Like That Krisha? Krisha Says You Called Me. I Want Hanging Your Jacket. He Says Nothing Now. Krisha Says You Are So Weird. She Sees Maya’s Painting And Recalls Hearing The Sound Of Song Last Night.

Krisha Goes Upstairs And Tries To Move The Shelf. Krisha Says I Saw Roma Going There. Krisha Takes Photos From A Photo Album. Krisha Says This Is My Room. It Was Coming From Above My Room. There’s This Old Part Of The Castle Above It. No One Goes There. WHo Lives There? Devraj Comes In. Krisha Collides With Him. The Song Yeh Moh Moh K Dhaage Plays. Devraj Says What Are You Doing? He Sees The Photos. He Says What Were You Doing With Castle Pictures?

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