Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 4th January 2022 Written Update

The inspector says show me the foot. It felt like there was a tracker on your foot. Krisha pretends to fall. Devraj holds it. Jaya says there is nothing. She is stressed. Rome says everything is fine. Jaya says take her to the room. Devraj picks her up and takes her into the room. Naina says what’s going on here? Does Aarav say you’re jealous? Your husband left you. Naina says that he left people. She says it’s the same. Devraj and Krisha will always be together. No matter how hard you try, you will not be successful. Like your marriage. She says you can’t talk to me like that. He says you can’t do this either. Aarav says that Devraj can forgive them both, but I can’t. Stay away from Devraj and Krisha. If you try to harm them, I will be their Hanuman and destroy your plans.

Dervaj takes Krisha into the room and says that they are gone. You had the right to tell them everything and leave this house. Why did not you do it? Krisha says she could, but you’d go to jail. I don’t want to punish you. Because what Raghav did was a crime, what you are doing is a sin. You broke my heart, you broke my trust. You have hurt my soul. You have stopped me, but I would never stop you in jail or in memory of Maya. What you have done to me, God will punish you for it. She leaves.

Scene 2
Krisha Coems to Rati. She says are you okay? Rati says I passed out. I’m good. Krisha says I came to thank you for everything you did. You supported me. I’m sorry for everything you had to go through. Your life was fine before I got here. Rati says my life was never good. She was just taking it in silence. I must thank you for supporting me and giving me the strength to wake up. Raghav had to pay for his sin. Krisha says but you love him. Rati says that once you love someone, you can’t stop loving them. Rati says you’re right. Once you love someone, you can’t stop. You should rest. Let me get you a juice. Rati holds her head. She says what is this nausea.

Krisha says that if there is no danger in Devraj’s life now, I have to leave this house now. I have to find out. Krisha calls the employer. She says the position is still valid? She says send the form to her. Krisha says that now that I have decided, I will leave this house and never return.

Scene 3
Devraj remembers losing Krisha. He wakes up. He says I can’t have these dreams. I have to play Krisha Maya and fulfill my mission. Kirsha says Should I ask Mom Dad to come to Chandigarh or wait? She should play it safe. Jaya enters. She asks are you okay? She said yes. Jaya says I know you’re mad at us. She wanted to thank you. You did it because you love it. Devraj loves you too … Krisha says please. Don’t lie to make him feel better. We both know everything. Jaya says I know you have no reason to trust me. Jaya says that as a mother I’m telling you not to give up your home in Devraj. Krisha says I’m hopeless. Jaya says there will be a time when everything will change. Just don’t lose hope. Keep trusting my developer.

Krisha comes to the terrace. Everything is decorated. Devraj is waiting for her with a cake. Krisha says it’s not my birthday. Is it Maya’s birthday? Devraj says it’s mine. Krisha says yours, but Jaya? He says that he celebrates it according to the Hindi calendar, but according to the English calendar, it is today. I want to celebrate it with you. Krisha say with me? He says of course. He never celebrated my birthday with anyone other than Maya. Feel. Devraj pours wine. He says that he is Maya’s favorite. She would never say no to good wine. Devraj hands him the glass and salutes. Krisha is surprised. Devraj says Think. Krisha says from her heart that he should do what he says so he doesn’t hesitate. Krisha drinks. He says that if he tastes it as medicine, he will taste bad. Drink it like me. See … he sips it. Krisha drinks it. Krisha says I don’t like it. He says Maya has to like it. Krisha says I won’t change. Can’t she be like me? Can’t you like a Maya who doesn’t like wine? Why can’t she be her like me? Devraj says that I love the Mayans who live in my memories. Krisha says he’s fine. She drinks the whole bottle. Krisha says Are you happy now? Happy Birthday.

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