Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 3rd February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Devraj cleans Krisha’s wound. She says I didn’t know what to do. Devraj says, so you tried to hurt yourself? What if something had happened to you? What would I… he stops himself. Krisha says what did you say? Devraj says if you do this one more time, I’ll send you back home. What does Krishna say? She tries to stop him and slips. Devraj holds her in his arms. They both share a lock of eyes. Krisha pushes him away and says I’m not going anywhere, I won’t leave you, take it. She asks him not to stare at her with his beautiful eye, I’m not afraid of you. I can make my decisions and I’m not leaving on anyone’s orders. Devraj smiles at her. She asks if he wants to say something? He shakes his head and leaves. Krisja laughs.

Ugra tells Naina that I will prepare to bring Raghav back. I’ll get Rati back first. Naina says she can only let her die in her parents’ house. Ugra says that we will marry Raghav to a rich girl for which we have to take Rati’s life.

Daksh sits sadly in his room. Devraj comes there and asks if he is okay? Daksh says I feel sorry for Maya, she was hurt and didn’t want to tell me, but I doubted her. I am bad. Devraj says you made a mistake that you can correct. Daksh says I’ll never doubt her, she’s my Maya, but I’m ashamed of being a friend. Devraj says she will forgive you. Daksh says I never fought Maya. Devraj says she’s just mad at you, you can reassure her. Daksh says if she forgives me this time, I’ll keep her happy forever. He hugs Devraj and says you brought Maya into my life, she is very kind and I can’t lose her. I will keep her close to me. Devraj becomes jealous when he hears that and watches.

Scene 2
Devraj goes to Mumbai. Krisha says you’re leaving me here? Devraj says I’ll be back soon. Krisha hugs him from behind and says please come back soon, I wish your job is done soon. I will wait for you. Devraj smiles and says I hope you won’t make another mistake. She nods. Dev gives her some candy and leaves. Krisja smiles.

Daksh is concerned. Roma comes there and asks what happened? Daksh says I want to talk to Maya, but I’m scared. Roma says I have an idea. She takes him from there.

A servant comes to Krisha and says that Daksh is coming with the first aid kit. Krisha says that if I want to change my bandages, he will find out that I don’t have a tattoo. She turns into Maya getting up and telling me to do something. She takes the tattoo gun and takes off her bandage. She starts tattooing on her arm, but Rati gets there and stops her. Krisha says what are you doing here? Aarav comes there and says what are you doing? Krisha says to do this, I have no choice. She starts tattooing her arm and asks Rati to help her. Rati is scared but starts making a tattoo on her arm. Aarav goes and tries to stop Daksh’s arrival. Rati tattoos Krisha’s arm which is in pain. Daksh enters her room and says Maya? Krisha is scared and hides the tattoo gun. Daksh says I brought the first aid kit. Krisha says I’m fine, don’t worry. Daksh gets sad and says ok.. I just wanted to say sorry. He starts to leave but Krisha stops him and says I’m not afraid, I’m better now. She shows her arm that has Maya’s tattoo on it and says I’m all right and sees I have this tattoo too. Daksh says I’m sorry for doubting you, please forgive me. Krisha says if you plan a picnic, I’ll forgive you. He becomes happy and leaves.

Daksh dances around and says Maya isn’t mad at me.

Rati asks Krisha if she is in pain? Krisha says I’m fine. Aarav says this isn’t right, we make Daksh dependent on Maya again. Until when are you going to do this? We need to tell Daksh the truth. Krisja watches.

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