Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na 23rd March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Meet saying to the Ahlawat family that they are her strength when she thought about it she didn’t think for a second to fill up the form. It’s shown when Meet showed the death threat letter to Meet Ahlawat. Meet says she decided to not take the police exam and she was about to say it to the Ahlawat family but Meet Ahlawat stopped her. Meet Ahlawat said some motivational words and said think about as you have a weakness, Hawa Singh also has weakness think about it. Meet says you are right and thinks why hasn’t she thought about this before. Meet calls Hawa Singh and complaints to Hawa Singh that she got a death threat letter that somebody is going to kill her husband and he has to find him and if he doesn’t take the complaint as a police officer you know the law and cuts the phone without giving a chance for Hawa Singh to talk back.

Meet Ahlawat praises Meet for doing it. Duggu dances after getting excited with her decision. Ram gets up asks them so you have decided to join police. Meet and Meet Ahlawat say yes. Meet Ahlawat asks permission from his dad to leave as they are some police formalities. Raj gives permission. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet this is her first victory.

The next morning Meet Ahlawat wakes her at 4 am and tells her the training starts from today. When she comes down Ragini gives her juice and says all the best. In the same way, Raj and Tej also greet her and tell her all the best. Next, they show how she trains for the next seven days for her police Training and how her family supports her when she needs it. Ram gets a phone call from Hawa Singh and Hawa Singh warns Ram saying if she flies we will be in trouble so cut her wings. If she brings your past mistake it is a big problem. Ram answers he will think about it. Meet shows tremendous improvement from when she started exercising. Ram and Hawa Singh meet outside in their cars to talk about what to do Meet. Hawa Singh says Ram to kill Meet if she becomes a police officer we will both be in trouble. Ram says Meet is a member of our family if my family members doubt me. Hawa Singh says Sir if your past is revealed they will be first to slap you. If you can’t do it then give me a heads up he will send her just like he sent Ashok Hoodah to death.

Raj and his family discuss Meet and her efforts for joining police and they have a lot of expectations for Meet. Ram says let’s organize a party for Meet in her support. Ragini asks Ram she thought he was not in favor of Meet joining Police force. Ram says he was not in favor at the start but seeing all the family supporting her he also decided to support her. Babitha says why is there a need for the party. Raj says there is a need and he supports his decision. Ram gets up and messages the wings of the bird will be cut today. Meet relaxes in her room seeing that Meet is tired Meet Ahlawat massages her legs. Meet doesn’t allow him at the start as she is shy but Meet Ahlawat says when he gets tired she can massage his feet then they will be equal.

While massaging Meet Ahlawat says to Meet that on account of her police force joining there is a small party. He asks Meet is she worried. Meet says she is. Meet says you should be as tomorrow you are going to go against athletes, body builders, sportsmen, etc. Meet says tell them to come she has confidence in her preparation. Meet Ahlawat says this is the spirit because of it you have won half of the battle. The rest of the half is won by these strong legs. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet let’s rehearse tomorrow what are you going to do in this way. Meet Ahlawat flirts with Meet. She stops him. Meet Ahlawat wishes her all the best.

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