Tera Mera Saath Rahe 9th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Priya tells the Modi’s that they are her in law’s and they cant do this. Mithila says that they are Gopika’s family members and calls Priya as Madam. They all agrees with her. Then they all goes to do work. Gopika gets happy. Priya gets angry and glares at Gopika. The Modi’s starts working whatever the work Priya gives to Gopika. They all finishes the work. Mithila tells they have done the work which she asked Gopika to. She also takes Gopika by her side and says that they have already told they all are Gopika’s family members so they done the work.

Priya gets annoyed. Saksham taunts Priya saying she has no one by her side. Gopika tells Priya that she asked her to finish the work in ten minutes with the help of her family the work which she asked her to do was done and asks her to give her some more work. The family members also starts asking Priya to give them work so Priya leaves the place angrily. Chirag and others mocks Priya for falling into her own trap. Mithila tells Gopika that no matter what they all are with her. Priya in her room thinks that she planned to teach Gopika a lesson for betraying her by making her as a servant but here because of the family members her own plan backfired. She then feels the itching in her feet so she wonders what happened.

Saksham tells Mithila that he is comfortable wearing these clothes. Chirag tells that he is happy because they are teaching the lesson to Priya for her behavior. Priya goes to living room and asks Gopika what she mixed in her pedicure because she is feeling itchy. Gopika acts and says that she used what Priya had in her room. She then recalls how she mixed something in the box which is used for pedicure. Chirag tells that Priya must have bought something cheap because now she don’t have fifty one percent of the property. All of them agrees with him. Priya gets angry and asks Gopika why there was stain in the living room. They all acts and asks her to show where it is.

Priya points out at a place but Gopika and the family members acts like they didn’t see anything so Priya walks forward but slips making everyone happy and smile. Priya questions Gopika the reason behind the floor is being slippery. Gopika shows the detergent and tells this is what she used to clean the floor. Priya scolds Gopika saying it’s to wash clothes. Minal taunts Priya saying some stain never leave even after trying all the things. Priya gets annoyed and leaves the place. They all gets happy.

Mithila tells Gopika that she understands what she is trying to do but she has to be more cautious about the outcome. Gopika asks them to not to worry and tells that she will make sure hereafter Priya will never ever make fun of any job. Ashi asks Gopika to teach Priya a proper lesson for her behavior. Priya thinks in her room that Gopika is flying high because the Modi’s are supporting her but she needs to put her in her place for that she need to do something and looks on. Gopika tells Mithila that this is the time to give medicine to Subhadra so she will go and give her. She then goes to Subhadra’s room with a tray in her hand.

Ramila in her room thinks that she is getting tried of thinking that she can able to find that she will get to know the connection between the Modi’s and Subhadra. She then hears Gopika is entering the house. Gopika feeds food to Subhadra and make her have medicine. Subhadra questions Gopika about her outfit. Gopika tells that she is wearing this to teach someone a lesson that any work in this world is equally important. She then asks her to sleep but when she realises that Subhadra is struggling she asks her the reason. Subhadra tells that she is having trouble sleeping. She then asks Gopika to sing lori for her.

Gopika tells Subhadra that she doesn’t know. Subhadra asks don’t her mother ever sung lori for her. Ramila tells that Subhadra done it for Gopika but that time Gopika was too small so she dont think she will remember it. Gopika smiles and says that she didnt know because her mother didn’t sung for her. Subhadra asks Gopika to lay beside her saying she will teach her a lori and after that asks Gopika to sign for her. Gopika agrees and lies beside Subhadra. Subhadra sings lori.

Gopika also sing with her. Ramila gets shocked thinking that Gopika remembers. Subhadra questions Gopika to which the latter tells that she must know this because she must have heard her aunt singing for Ashi. Ashi from outside sees this and says that Ramila never sung this song for her then why Gopika is saying like this and leaves the place. Gopika sings lori and Subhadra falls asleep.

The next day Priya sees Gopika is working on her own without even she is ordering her to so something so she wonders what must be her plan. Gopika comes to Priya and tells that all the works are done and she is also not giving her any work so volunteers to do a head massage for her. Priya thinks that inorder to bother Gopika that she need to do this and asks Gopika to do her head massage. Gopika screams making Priya also scream. Gopika tells that she saw lice in her head. Priya tells that’s not at all possible because she is going to the spa. Gopika acts and asks Priya to believe her saying that she will take a picture of her head and show her.

Priya agrees. She then gets shocked seeing the picture and decides to go to spa but Gopika suggests her to not to because the spa people will question her so Priya decides to shower and leaves the place. Ashi comes out of her hiding place and hifi Gopika. Gopika asks Ashi that she did what she asked her to right. Ashi assures her that she did what she asked her to and count 3 to 1 then they both gets happy hearing Priya is screaming seeing her hair’s condition in the mirror after having a shower. Ramila thinks that she is not going to get to know anything related to Subhadra so decides to remove the headset but stops when she hears Keshav and Minal entering the room. Keshav and Minal worries that Subhadra may get to know that they locked her in a room for past twenty years shocking Ramila.

Ramila decides to use it on her own. Saksham and family members comes to dining room to have lunch. Priya comes there. Gopika taunts and sits with them. Priya tells Gopika that she is a servant so she dont have rights to sit with them to have food and takes her plate and put it on the floor and says that this is where she need to have food. Gopika and the Modi’s looks on.

Precap: Priya tells Gopika that her friends are here so she need to entertain them. Gopika agrees to do it. Priya’s friends asks Gopika that she is Saksham’s ex wife right. Priya tells her friends she is but she is their servant. Priya then asks Gopika to dance infront of her friends and breaks the glasses and asks her to dance on the broken glasses. Saksham gets angry.

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