Tera Mera Saath Rahe 9th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Chiragh says he reads this. Nikhila reads I found your secret, give me 5 million dollars to shut up. Nikhila is shocked. She says what is this? Whose secret? Minal is concerned, as are Saksham and Gopika. Saksham says Chiragh why are you talking to Aashi like that. Stop. Priya says go Aashi. He is right. Minal says yes, go to your room. Nikhila says stop. Nikhila says no, she has to tell. Which crores and why? If you don’t want an answer, go back to your mother. Aashi says no, I’ll tell. This letter is true. I know a secret. Let me tell everyone. This secret is related to Gopika. What does Nikhila say? What’s the secret? Aashi says that Gopika has come to the office. My company was not working. My idea for a wedding planner also failed because of Priya’s drama. I thought I should be a writer. The book is about blackmail. I wrote the first stage. Is Chiragh serious? Should you have said it sooner? Nikhila says are you sure you can write? She says yes. Nikhila says write more, if I like your book I will publish it.

Priya says to Minal please talk about my munh dikhai. Minal says Saksham and Priya are now married. We must not ignore the rituals. I’ve sent invites for her invites. Nikhila says you should have at least asked me. Their marriage is a mistake. Keshap says one day or other people would know. Saksham has accepted her. Saksham says yes, I have accepted her. World should know. Gopika says half the budget would be mine. Nikhila really says Gopika? Do you want this to happen? Gopika says yes, she is your DIL. Nikhila says that once everyone has decided, do whatever you want. But I will not be part of this munh dikhai.

Scene 2
Priya comes to Gopika. Gopika is cooking. priya cough. She says everyone is ready for my munh dikhai. Gopika says they will all do my munh dikhai. Priya says are you dreaming? Gopika says challenge. Priya says you can’t show your face to anyone.

Scene 3
Hitain calls the helpline. He says please say something. Tejal says he’s so annoying. Her boyfriend says ask how rich is he? Tejal says what is the best present you have received? He says I want to send you a present. Tell me your address. Tejal says Ashoke nagar, she gives office address.

Scene 4
Aashi says thank goodness no one saw the video. She looks at it. gopika clashes with her. the phone falls. The phone breaks. Gopika says your phone fell. She chooses it. Gopika says the screen is broken. Aashi says thank God. Gopika says are you crazy? Why are you smiling? Aashi says my phone… Gopika says you broke it. Gopika says you get it from the 25k I gave.

priya makes a paste and tells you not to show your face to anyone.
Nikhila says why hasn’t Jignesh called me yet. Why is Gopika excited about Priya’s munh dikhai. She’s up to something.
Gopika is getting ready. Saksham loses her hair. He says you look better when you lose hair. He brushes her hair. Gopika smiles. He says you look so good. We will always live together. We should hide in her own house. He says I know Mom is trying to find out the truth. Gopika says we will get our money back from her. Do not worry. I will handle the munh dikhai. I am your wife and always will be.

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