Tera Mera Saath Rahe 8th February 2022 Written Update

Nikhila says your money. Gopika says is she someone special? Nikhila says take your money and go. Gopika says where have I seen this woman? Nikhila takes her photo and sends it to her detective. Nikhila says I’ll find you. Priya tries to sleep in the garden. She says I can’t sleep here. Enough. I am a modern girl from 2022. I will not sleep here. Gopika thinks about the woman. She says why maa you worried about that woman? Gopika hears a sound. Priya sneaks into the house. Gopika is about to hit her. She says I thought it was a thief. Where are you going? She says laundry room. Gopika says I know her drama. Gopika comes to Saksham. He pulls her. Saksham says I had such a good dream. She says who did you dream about? He says you are there in my dreams and reality. did you miss me? She says I always do. Come with me. Priya sleeps in another room and says no one would know. gopika says she sleeps there. Saksham comes to Priya. She says there were a lot of mosquitoes. He says you can’t do that to save our marriage? You don’t care about his marriage. Priya says no, I’ll do that for us. He says I’m so proud of you. Priya says good night. Scene 2 Aashi counts 60 crores. She says how much should I ask. She writes: I know your secret. If you don’t want me to tell everyone then give me 5 crores in installments. Chiragh is coming. She eats the paper. Chiragh says what have you done? She says it was a shopping list. She says I was hungry. Chiragh says you’re so weird. He draws on the next paper and reads it. Priya comes to the garden. Gopika says hello.. did you sleep in the washroom. Priya says don’t do this drama. gopika says I hate Saksham. I just enjoy it. I just called home and told you how you snuck into the house. Priya says I’m his wife. Gopika says the world doesn’t know you married him yet. Your munh dikhai wasn’t ready yet either. Priya says I will have my munh dikhai done. Gopika laughs. Chiragh reads the letter. He says what secret she is talking about? Scene 3 Minal is concerned. She says I hope Keshap can find that woman. Priya comes and says take water. You look worried. Priya Says Painkiller? Let me massage your head. Minal likes it. Priya tells me to tolerate her. Priya says what kind of woman did you want for Saksham? She says someone who looks like Saksham. Educated.. someone he can take to his friends. Just like you.. I mean.. I just want him to be happy. Priya says he’s happy with me. But nobody knows yet. My munh dikhai was not ready yet. Minal says yes. We have to do it and call all the relatives. Priya massages her head. Nikhila says Jignesh hasn’t found her yet. I hope she’s safe, but where is she? The woman sneaks under a cart. Scene 4 Hitain calls the helpline again. Tejal says hello to Raj. How are you? She says what do you want for breakfast. Hitain says I like omelette. What do you like? She says French toast, but I can’t eat because my husband… I mean, I want to stay slim. He says you should eat healthy. He hangs up. Tejal says he’s so weird. Chiragh asks Aashi what secret are you talking about? What is it? Nikhila asks Aashi what this is? Minal tells him to tell Aashi. Nikhila reads the letter. Everyone is shocked. Nikhila says what kind of secret is this? Gopika and Saksham are confused. Minal says in her heart, is she talking about that woman? Saksham says she meant us? Precap-Priya says the whole family is ready to do my munh dikhai. Gopika says it will be my munh dikhai. Priya says the challenge has been accepted.

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