Tera Mera Saath Rahe 7th January 2022 Written Update

Aashi Says Both Designs Look The Same. Priya Says There Can Be Only Original. Gopika Says You Can’t Copy Someone’s Work. You’re Radhika Right? Prove It Front Of Everyone. I Will Do It, You Do The Signature, You Do Too. Priya Writes Radhika In English And Gopika In Hindi. Saksham Recalls It Was In Hindi. Gopika Says English You Are Proud Of Is Defeating You Today. Can’t Sign? She Says To Saksham Real And Fake Is In Front Of You. She Tried To Take My Identity To Take You From Me. Priya Says You.. She’s About To Slap Gopika. Saksham Holds Her.

Saksham Says Is That True? Tell Me. Priya Says Yes It Is. She Says I Did Everything. I Am Not Radhika, I Want You That’s All True. Gopika Says It’s 12. I Did My Promise. Your Time Is Up. Priya Recalls The Challenge. Gopika Says You Have Lost. You Can’t Break Saksham And My Bond. Priya Laughs And Says What Relation? The Friendship That Started Last Night Or The Husband And Wife Relation That Never Started? You’re Both Forced To Be With Each Other. He Doesn’t Like You. He Deserves Someone Better.

Nikhila Slaps Priya And Says How Dare You Say This About Gopika And Saksham. You Betrayed Us After All We Did. Gopika Says She Was Behind All That Was Happening. She Hit You As Well. Chiragh Says You’re Disgusting. Keshap Says I Never Thought This Would Happen. Chiragh Says Aashi Won’t You Say Anything? Aashi Says She Should Leave This House. She Must Know What To Say And What Not? Saksham Says Don’t Waste Time In Talking To Her. Get Out Here. Priya Says Please Listen.. Saksham Says Leave Before I Call The Police. Saksham Drags Her Out Of The House And Says You Are Dead For Me. Don’t Be Seen Near My House Or Office. Priya Says Fine, I Am Going But I Will Come Back Soon. And You Gopika.. He Throws Her Stuff Out. Gopika Says To Rawat Thank You So Much. He Says It Was My Duty. He Leaves. Minal Says To Gopika I Am Sorry I Questioned Gopika. She’s A Blessing For This House.

Scene 2
Gopika Says My Eyes Are Burning. Saksham Says Show Me. He Looks Into Her Eyes. Saksham Kisses Her Forehead. He Says Is It Better? Saksham Says Let Me Change The Lenses. Gopika Says I Will Do It. Saksham Says I Will Do It. He Changes Her Lenses. Gopika Says Not Going To Office? He Says I Feel Very Guilty. You Kept Telling Me You’re Radhika And I Never Trusted You. Gopika Says You Didn’t Know. He Says You’ve Done So Much For Me. He Says Why Didn’t You Tell Me Again? Gopika Says Because I Wanted You To Accept Gopika And Not Radhika. No Sorry And Thank You. We’re Friends Right?

Scene 3
Priya Dances In The House. Uncle Says We Planned So Much And Nothing Happened And You Are Dancing? She Says I Am Letting It Out. He Says Celebrating Your Defeat? Uncle Asks What’s The Next Plan? Have You Found Another Best Friend? Priya Says My Only Best Friend Is Saksham. I Am Just Resting And Will Be Back With The Next Plan. Gopika Asks Saksham What Time Is It? He Says 10? Gopika Says It’s 12. Don’t You Wanna Sleep? He Says I Have To Work. Gopika Says I Can Help You. HE Says You’re Already Doing So Much Work. I Will Start A New Line With Your Name. Gopika Says You Only Work And Don’t Care About Your Food. He Smiles. Gopika Says I Am Scolding. Act A Little. He Smiles More. Gopika Says You Don’t Act Well. Leave It. She Says I Got Something For You. Gopika Gives Him A New Watch. Gopika Says It Will Have An Alarm For Your Food Time Too. Saksham Says Thank You.

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