Tera Mera Saath Rahe 7th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Priya says I can let Saksham eat you. Saksham says why can’t I eat? She sees Gopika adding salt to the food. She says Gopika mixes poison in my food? She imagines Saksham dying. She yells SAksham no. Saksham says what’s wrong with you. Saksham says you can’t decide? She says no one will eat. Minal says why? Gopika says you cooked for the first time. I should take shagun from all of you. She says eat now, let your husband eat too. Priya says that Gopika mixed poison into the food. Nikhila says Gopika can never do that. Minal says, now you want to kill everyone for money? Gopika says I don’t want to go to jail. I just want money. Priya says I don’t trust you. Gopika says I have to let Saksham eat, you all know that. Saksham says I need to find out the truth. He says I’m going to eat. Aashi says why are you risking? He says I must.

Saksham eats Priya’s food. Priya says no. Saksham says nothing happened. He eats out of Gopika’s hand. Priya says Saksham will die. Saksham cough. Everyone gets scared. Saksham laughs. He says he sees their faces. Nikhila says what’s going on in this house? I was so scared. Gopika says I added salt and Gopika thought I added poison. Nikhila says stop this drama and eat everyone. Gopika tells Priya that you lost the challenge. how does it feel?

Gopika tells Priya that I let your husband eat and you didn’t. Give me my money and I’ll go. She says 60 crore? Gopika says you own 51%. 60 crore is not for you. What if I steal your man instead? End it, give me my money. Priya says what shall I get? Gopika says then I’ll wait for it, and your days would be so ruined. Priya says Saksham ate to show the truth. He is only mine.

Scene 2
Keshap tells Minal that that woman has gone somewhere. Minal says oh god what’s going to happen now. Nikhila hears them and tells me to find out where that woman is. Once I find her, I can interrogate them. I have to find her before Keshap finds her.

Saksham laughs with Gopika. He says it was so funny. Gopika says I’m mad at you. He says why? Gopika says you said you’d stick to the plan. You ate my food and acted like something had happened to you. Saksham says it was so spicy. I really liked the food. He tells you not to get angry.

Nikhila looks for Gopika. Gopika says I’m always with you. He says I don’t get love. Let me eat with your hands. Gopika says ok. He says what would you eat? She says chocolate. Saksham says he didn’t eat in childhood? Gopika says I’ve never experienced parental love. Saksham hands her a chocolate. He says I wish I couldn’t change your childhood. She says the gift is so good. Nikhila comes there. Nikhila comes there. Saksham is hiding. Gopika says ex-MIL are you looking for someone? She says I need your help. Gopika says my help? Nikhila says I know you care about this family. You cooked for everyone and let Saksham eat. Gopika says it was extra food. Gopika says I don’t deal with anyone here. I want my alimony. Nikhila says you can help me make Priya jealous. She’d be jealous if I came to you. Gopika says I would. I have a condition. I want money to help you. Nikhila says okay, I’ll get you. Gopika says what to do? Nikhila says I want you to draw a sketch. I know you can do it.

Scene 3
Aashi says what have I seen? She sees a video where Saksham makes Gopika eat the chocolate. She made a video of it.
Gopika says who to make? Nikhila says I will guide you. Start drawing. Gopika starts drawing according to her instructions. Nikhila coughs. Gopika gives her water. Nikhila says I can’t believe she’s changed. Gopika says in my heart that I am so helpless. Gopika draws the woman.

Precap-Gopika tells Priya that you and Saksham are married. No one outside the world knows. Priya says I will have my munh dikhai done.

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