Tera Mera Saath Rahe 6th January 2022 Written Update

Gopika Says You’ve Time Till 12 Tomorrow, I Will Expose You And You Will Be Out. Priya Says If You Can’t Kick Me Out You Will Leave, Gopika Says Challenge Accepted.

The Next Morning, Gopika Says 3 Hours Left In 12. She Calls Someone And Says Please Come At 11. She Says I’ve To Stop Saksham From Going To Office. Priya Says Saksham You Are Not Ready? He Says I Am Not Going To Office. She Says Why? He Says Gopika Asked Not To Go. Gopika Does Arti. Priya Says Asking For Help? Only Half An Hour Left. Gopika Says There Are 1800 More Seconds. Life Can Change In Any Second. Best Of Luck. She Holds Gopika’s Hand. Gopika Says You Would Need Luck. Gopika Itches On Her Hand. She Says Your Screams Is So Sticky. Rawat Calls Gopika. She Says You Are Here? Priya Looks At Her Hand And Says Now You See What Happens.

Scene 2
Rawat (A Client) Comes. He Says Because Of Radhika’s Designs. I Wanna Meet Her. Saksham Says You Can’t Meet Her. Minal Says But He’s Our Client. Saksham Says I Promised Radhika I Will Hide Her Identity. Priya Says Nothing Is Bigger Than Work. Do What Is Right. Saksham Says You Sure? He Says Yes. Saksham Says Here Is Radhika. He Says Nice To Meet You. Nikhila Says She Can’t Be Radhika. Gopika Says Why Do You Think Priya Is Radhika? He Says Priya Told Me And Asked Me Not To Tell Anyone. Nikhila Says If That’s The Case We’re Grateful To Radhika. Nikhila Says Okay Then Design And Show Us Your Talent. Chiragh Says We Came All The Way Here. Saksham Says Yes Make The Design. Priya Says Sorry I Can’t Make The Design. Nikhila Says It Must Be Easy For You. Saksham Says Why?

Gopika Says She Can’t Make It Because She’s Not Radhika. Saksham Is Shocked. Gopika Says I Called Rawat Ji Here So Her Reality Can Be Exposed. I Left All Those Designs In The Temple And She Picked Them. Saksham Says So You’re Radhika? She Says Yes. Baa Says Yes. Gopika Says Baa.. Saksham Says What’s The Truth? Who Is Radhika? Aashi Says You Failed To Prove The Last Time. Gopika Says No One Was Trying To Take My Place Last Time. I Was Scared. Nikhila Says We Know She Would Get Scared. Gopika Says Now I’ve Change And I Can Stand For Myself. I Will Make The Designs And Prove Who Radhika Is. Gopika Says Would You Believe Then? Priya Says In Heart She’s Trapped Now. Priya Says Sure. I Will Also Make Designs. We Will See Who’s Trying To Take The Place. We Will Make Her First Design. Nikhla Says Okay, There Will Be A Competition Between You Both.

Scene 3
Priya And Gopika Sit Down To Make The Designs. Gopika Can’t Move Her Hand. Her Hand Shivers. Gopika Tries To Control. Priya Looks At Her. Nikhila Says What Happened? Why Are Your Hands Shivering? Gopika Says My Hand Is Numb. I Can’t Feel Anything. Let Me Try Again. Her Hand Keeps Shivering. Nikhila Says Are You Scared? Gopika Says I Am Not Scared Or Nervous. Gopika Says What’s Happening. The Pencil Drops From Her Hand. Priya Says What Happened? Gopika Says What Did You Do. Priya Says I Am Sitting So Far Away From You. My Design Is Ready. You Can All See It. Gopika Sees The Design. She’s Shocked. She Says In Heart I Was Ready For It Gopika. She Put That Medicine On Gopika’s Hand And Cheated With Tracing Paper.

Saksham Says Gopika Our Friendship Just Started And You Broke This Trust? Why Did You Accuse Priya? Priya Says I Don’t Know What’s The Problem. Gopika Says I Have The Reason That Everyoen Will Know. Gopika Says Give Me Two Minutes If You Don’t Trust Me After That Too, I Won’t Say Anything. She Makes Design From The Left Hand. Priya Is Shocked. Priya Says Left Hand? Are You Serious? Gopika Says I Can Use Both Hands. Aashi Says Both Design Are The Same. How Would We Know Which One Is Real Radhika.

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