Tera Mera Saath Rahe 3rd January 2022 Written Update

Saksham Says Enough. I Went To Hotel Room With Priya Because She Fell Sick In The Meeting And I Took Her To The Room And Called A Doctor. Ask Priya.. He Says Tell Them Priya What’s The Truth. Nikhila Says Why Are You Silent Priya? She Says Saksham Is Right. There’s Nothing Between Us. The News And Video, I Don’t Know About It. The Reporter Says Tell Us Priya, Don’t Be Scared. The Police Try To Calm People Down. A Woman Says How Can You Live With A Man Like Him Gopika. Gopika Says Enough. This Is My House And My Husband. I Trust My Husband Completely. My Sindur Will Remain Intact. Gopika Holds Saksham’s Hand And Says I Don’t Know Who Provoked You But Whoever Is Behind This, I Will Find And Expose That Person. Gopika Lokos At Priya.

Nikhila Says Whatever Happened Wasn’t Right. But I Am Proud Of The Way You Stood For Your Family Gopika. Gopika Says This Is My Family. Saksham Says Thank You For Being By My Side Gopika. Gopika Says You Can Never Do Anything Wrong. Saksham Says I Am Very Happy For This Support. Gopika Says You Are My Strength. Keshap Says Who Sent Them The Video? Priya Says I Did. Who Else? Nikhila Says What? Priya Says I Was Wondering Who Did It. We Don’t Have A Proof. Gopika Says I Will Find That Person And Proof Both. It Can’t Be Hidden For Long. Mama Ji Says To Priya There Are People Outside Our House. They Won’t Let Us Go. I Can’t Even Go Out. I Am So Scared. Gopika Says Don’t Worry. We Won’t Let Her Dignity Shatter. Gopika Says To Nikhila I Think Priya Should Stay Here With Us. People Will Question Saksham If We Kick Them Out. Nikhila Says You’re Right. Mama Ji Says Let Me Bring Stuff. Gopika Says You Can Go, Priya Can Stay There. Nikhila Says Gopika Is Right. Gopika Says Priya Come Let Me Show You Your Room. Priya Says I Already Have My Room. Gopika Says I Will Give You A Better Room That’s Worth You.

Scene 2
Gopika Takes Priya To Servant Room. Priya Says What? This Is Servant Room. Gopika Says Aren’t They Humans? You Can Clean Don’t Worry. Gopika Says I Will Expose Your Truth. We All Have A Brain Too. Wonder Why I Let You Stay Here? Cause You Are Alone Here Now And I Can Attack You Directly. Priya Boils Water. She Says You Must Be Wondering What Am I Doing? I Am Making Tea To Celebrate My Win. She Burns Photos Of The Boys. Gopika Says You Have Lost It. Priya Says Letting Me Stay Here, You’ve Invited Your Own Defeat. Gopika Says It Will Make Things Easier. I Can Find The Proof Easily. She Throws Water On The Fire And Says You’ve To Choose One Of Them Because Saksham Will Never Be Yours. Stay Here And Let Me Know If You Need Anything Else. Gopika Leaves. Priya Says See What I Do With You In The Office Now.

Scene 3
Gopika Is In The Office. THe Manager Tells Her About The Diamond Categories. Saksham Looks At Her Working. Gopika Says Why Can’t I See Clearly. Saksham Gives Her A Thumbs Up. Priya Texts Her You Can Never Be In Saksham’s Cabin Because You’re Not Worth It. Gopika Sees Another Woman With Glasses. She Says Can I Take Your Magnifying Glass? She Sees From It. Gopika Says I Can See Clearly Now. That Means Priya Changed My Glasses.

The Manager Scolds A Gilr. Priya Goes Out For A Call. Gopika Follows Him. Priya Says To Someone On Call You Will Get Your Money. Come To The Backside Of The Office. Gopika Keeps Her Phone There To Record It. Priya Meets A Guy. She Says You All Reporters Keep Asking For Money. He Says I Did What You Said. I Called All Reporters There To Protest. Priya Gives Him Money. Gopika Sees The Video And Says I Got The Proof. She Checks The Video Nothing Is In It. Priya Laughs And Says You Can’t Mess With Me. The Reporter Was Hired By Me. The One Who Threw Tomatoes Was Also Hired By Me. You Won’t Get Any Proof. Delete The Video.

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