Tera Mera Saath Rahe 27th December 2021 Written Update

Badi Didi Says You’re My Daughter. I Am Not Mad At Them But You? THeir Life Wasn’t Destroyed But Yours Was. I Was Worried For My Sister Nikhila. Nikhila Says They’re My Kids Too. They All Love Me. It’s My Family. I Love Them Too. Badi Didi Hugs Her And Says Always Stay Happy. Gopika Touches Badi Didi’s Feet. She Says Stay Happy. Priya Says To Aashi It Was Your Idea. She Sadys No Yours. Gopika Faints.

The Doctor Checks Gopika. Nikhila Says I Have Never Seen Her Like This, When She Gets Up She Can Tell What’s Going On. Aashi Leaves. She Comes To Priya And Says What Should I Do Now? Priya Says Calm Down. Gopika Wakes Up. Nikhila Says Who Are You? Badi Didi Says What Did You Do? You Made Me Realize My Mistake. Gopika Says I Didn’t Take Anything. Nikhila Says How Were You High?

Priya Says I Can Tell How It Happened. Aashi Brings The Bottle She Says Gopika Says She Drank It. It Was Cough Bottle. Saksham Says Really? Priya Says You Have No Sense? Nikhila Says I Am Here To Talk To Her. Badi Didi Gives Gopika Her Necklace. She Says This Is My Blessing For You. My Prayers Are Always With You. Everyone Leaves. Gopika Feels Weird.

Scene 2
Nikhila Says To Badi Didi You’re Thinking Of Leaving? Right? You Gave Your Necklace Already. Badi Didi Says Yes I Am Leaving. Nikhila Says We Won’t Let You Go. Minal Says We Didn’t Even Speak. We Won’t Let You Go. Badi Didi Says I Have To Go Home I Will Come For A Longer Time Next Time. Nikhila Says Promise Us? She Says Yes Promise.

Gopika Says I Didn’t Drink. Why Did This Happen. This Wasn’t The First Time. It Happened With Candle, Spray And Attack On Mom. Someone Is Doing It In This House.

Scene 3
Gopika Gets On A Ladder To Clean The Chandelier. Gopika Is About To Fall. Saksham Holds Her Ladder. She Says Thank You. He Says This Was Needed. Gopika Falls. Saksham Catches Her In His Arms. She Says Something Something Happened. Gopika Asks What Did I Do? He Says Something Something. They Smile. Priya Says I Have To Part Them. Priya Looks At The Fan And Says See What I Do Now.

Gopika Asks Saksham Tell Me What Happened? He Says Nothing Big. It’s Fine. I Have To Go To Work. Priya Gets On The Ladder And Cuts Wiring Of The Fan. Gopika Says How Can Saksham Forget. I Hope He Didn’t Mind What Happened Yesterday.

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