Tera Mera Saath Rahe 23rd March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Gopika gains her consciousness and gets shocked seeing herself tied up in a bed. Priya wakes up and greets her. Gopika asks what is all this why she is doing this. Priya tells it’s a luxurious hotel and tells that she can take rest here. Gopika looks at the clock and asks her to unite herself because her exam starts at eight o clock. Priya mocks at her and tells her that she knows it that’s why she abducted here so that she can’t able to give exam which will lead her to leave Saksham’s life forever.

Gopika asks Priya do she really think that Saksham wont find her. Priya tells her that this is the reason why she mixed intoxication in everyone’s food and the family members are now unconscious and they won’t wake up anytime soon shocking Gopika. In Modi’s house Saksham wakes up and makes everyone wake up. They all feels their head is heavy. Chirag tells it’s weird for them to sleep in the dining room itself. Priya puts a plaster on Gopika’s mouth and tells her that she will let her give her exam next year and not this year and leaves the room locking it from outside and putting do not disturb sign.

Saksham and Mithila realises that Gopika is missing also they all are unconscious and it has something to do with Priya. Priya enters the house and greets them. She also asks them that why they slept in the dining room itself in a mocking way. Chirag warns Priya. Saksham asks Priya what she did to Gopika. Mithila also questions Priya. Priya asks them to have tea first and asks Saksham to ask her nicely then she will tell him. Saksham throws the tea away and asks Priya to tell him where is Gopika and she is getting late for her exam.

Priya tells Saksham and the family members that she dont want Gopika to give exam so she locked her inside a room and without someone’s help Gopika can’t able to come out of it. She also asks them to think where Gopika must be and find her soon because only two hours left for Gopika to reach the exam centre which is not enough time. The family members goes all the directions in the house to search for Gopika. Priya smirks and tells that she is tired because she slept the entire night in the hotel room couch so she is going to take a nap.

Mithila calls the family members and asks everyone whether they find Gopika in any one of the room in this house or not. They all tells they cant able to find Gopika. Saksham tells that he will call Gopika but Priya answers the call and tells Gopika’s mobile is with her. Mithila threatens Priya to file a complaint against her for kidnapping Gopika. Priya warns them not to do anything such saying then they will never find Gopika and cuts the call reminding them how much time they left. Saksham gets furious and breaks the things. He tells Mithila that he failed in his promise which he give to Gopika.

Mithila tells hil that she knows her son will never fail and tells him that they have to find Gopika. Saksham sees his Debit card and gets an idea. He tells his family members that they have to check all the CCTV footage to know where else Priya went the previous night. They all agrees. Ashi tells Priya might have kept Gopika in her uncle’s house but Chirag says that’s not possible because Priya is a clever one. Saksham tells his family members that Priya must have used her Debit card so they have to find where she used it.

Mithila tells them that bank won’t be open this early. Chirag tells he has a friend who is working in the bank they can get his help but he wants Priya’s debit card number. Mithila gives a letter of Priya which she received it from bank the other day. Chirag goes to talk to his friend. Priya in her room looks happy and tells they wont able to find Gopika.

Other side Gopika hears a sound outside her room so she decides to make a sound to get their attention but fails and the couple outside her leaves the place. Chirag comes and tells that Priya used her card in Star Shine hotel. Saksham and Chirag leaves the house to find Gopika.

Mithila prays to God to help them find Gopika along with her the family members also prays with her. Saksham and Chirag asks the receptionist about Priya but the receptionist refuses to tell them the room number saying it’s against the rules. Chirag lies that Saksham and Priya are husband and wife and they had a fight the last night and he wants to meet her. The receptionist calls her manager then tells them she cant able to disclose which angers Saksham and the latter shouts at her. Chirag takes Saksham away and sees the fire alarm and instructs Saksham to use it on their favor.

Saksham agrees and does what Chirag asked him to and the fire alarm starts ringing so everyone starts running here and there. Saksham and Chirag finds the system is off so they took the master key to find Gopika. Saksham tells Chirag that they have to search the room which is not opened even after hearing fire alarm. Saksham and Chirag finds Gopika. Ashi calls Chirag and informs the family members they find Gopika. Mithila thanks the God. Priya gets shocked but she tells Mithila its not possible for Gopika to reach the exam centre on time. Mithila tells Minal and Ashi that God will help Gopika.

Saksham Gopika and Chirag reaches the exam centre. Gopika runs inside. Chirag asks Saksham to not to worry but Saksham runs behind Gopika. Ashi gives food to Subhadra. She then looks at the dustbin is full so she decides to throw that away. She takes it out but the sketch which Subhadra draw falls out from dustbin. Mithila scolds Ashi but stops when she sees its Ramila’s sketch so she questions Ashi to which the latter tells that she thinks Subhadra draw because she met Ramila.

Minal sends her away. Mithila tells Minal that the tracker brought them to where Ramila is living also the next day Ramila showed at their door step wearing expensive dress and jewellery. She also reminds Minal about Subhadra and Ramila’s reaction seeing each other and tells its Ramila who is the blackmailer. Minal gets shocked. Minal tells that she wont spare Ramila. Gopika comes to the exam hall and sees the exam has started already and looks worried.

Precap: Saksham comes and stands with Gopika. Gopika asks the supervisor the permission to enter the exam hall but the supervisor refuses. Saksham apologises to the supervisor and pleads her allow Gopika to give exam but the supervisor remains stubborn in her decision.

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