Tera Mera Saath Rahe 22nd March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with the teacher asks the students where is Gopika. One of the student asks is Gopika is run away due to nervousness. Teacher tells if what he told is true then her attendance will be marked as absent. Gopika enters the exam hall wearing Saksham’s clothes. The students starts praising Gopika seeing Gopika’s outfit. Teacher asks them to calm down and asks Gopika to take her seat. Gopika takes her seat and thanks God for helping her in the last minute. She worries what must be Saksham doing now.

Saksham comes out of the restroom wrapping Gopika’s saree as a vest. He then tells the ladies who he asked saree earlier that he asked saree for his wife. In Modi house Mithila tells that Gopika must have completed her exam and she can’t wait to get to know her how she did. Priya watches this from upstairs and tells the family members are fool thinking that Gopika must have given the exam but she cant wait to see Gopika is coming to the home with teary eyes and going to tell everyone that she was accused of cheating. Chirag tells the family members Saksham and Gopika is here. Saksham and Gopika enters the house in each others clothes.

Mithila asks Saksham what is all this. Saksham recalls then smiles at Mithila. Mithila worriedly asks Gopika about her exam. Gopika tells the family members that she completed her exam earlier than the given time limit. Everyone gets happy. Priya gets furious seeing this from far. Chirag switches on the music and the family members starts dancing for lungi dance song. Gopika takes everyone’s blessings and dances with everyone. Once the song comes to an end Gopika tells Mithila at first she was hesitant to give exam in Saksham’s clothes then realised that they are husband and wife so there is nothing wrong in this.

Mithila tells Gopika that she is right and praises Saksham for being such a good husband who supports his wife in her ups and downs. She also taunts Priya’s heart is being dark eventhough she wore branded clothes. Priya comes downstairs and tells the family members that she don’t have a dark heart also both Saksham and Gopika isn’t married and she is Saksham’s wife.

Saksham tells Priya that they are husband and wife in the papers only and that too going to end very soon because the divorce process has started. He also tells that he won’t spare her for all the things she has done against his family including today. The Modi’s look confused.

Mithila asks Saksham what Priya did to trouble Gopika. Saksham reveals Priya’s plan to frame Gopika as a cheater. The family members gets angry. Mithila asks Priya how dare she could do such things. Priya smiles and tells them that its not her who Written all the answers in Gopika’s saree and asks Saksham to not to accuse her. She also tells it must be Gopika who must have written answers in her saree though. Gopika questions what she told is true then why she is going to change the clothes. Priya tells that she must have scared of getting caught.

Gopika tells that they can bring handwriting expert to prove her wrong but she won’t because she is too happy so she is letting this go. Priya leaves the place angrily. Chirag jokes at Saksham. He then asks both Saksham and Gopika to freshen up and they both can have dinner which he and Ashi is preparing. Priya in her room breaks the things and tells that her every plan against Gopika is going vain and its Saksham who is doing this and she needs to do something this time for real.

Saksham and Gopika comes sits in the dining room. Chirag and Ashi brings food to the table. Chirag tells them the tasty food is made by him also tasteless food is made by Ashi. Ashi scolds him. Saksham and Gopika smiles seeing their banter. Chirag goes upstairs. Gopika stops Ashi and asks her to have food with them also asks about the family members.

Ashi tells it’s a private dinner date arranged by family members for them so they all are going to have food in upstairs. Gopika asks Ashi to bring everyone to dining room saying she wants to have food together. Ashi agrees and leaves the place. Saksham and Gopika looks at each other lovingly with a smile on their face. Priya watches this from far and tells that her next move will never let Gopika succeed in her challenge.

Gopika asks Saksham why he is looking at her this way. Saksham tells because of his reason to bring Priya to this house today nearly destroyed her dreams. Gopika asks Saksham to not to blame himself saying if he is not here then she would not even dreamt about giving tenth grade exams. Saksham reminds Gopika about their Haldi ceremony. They both gets closer. Mithila and others comes there. Mithila deliberately scolds Ashi which makes Saksham and Gopika to create a distance. The family members sits and they all starts having food together.

Mithila advices Ashi to share both happy and difficult time with her husband just like Saksham and Gopika. They all falls unconscious. Priya comes there and tells that Gopika let Chirag and Ashi took care of everything which is a bad move and recalls how she mixes intoxicating powder in a food while Ashi and Chirag is arguing with each other. She tells Saksham that she dont want to do this to him or his family but she don’t have any other options but promises not to harm him or his family. She then puts Gopika in a suitcase and goes to the hotel. She books a room in a fake name and tells the receptionist that she is a south actress for security reasons she dont reveal her real identity to anyone when the receptionist questions her about her name is different in her ID card.

Priya gets a room key and drags the suitcase with her. The room service man tells Priya that he has to help her take her suitcase to her room or else he will lose his job. Priya thinks that she don’t have much time before Gopika gains her consciousness she needs to reach the room and agrees let the worker carry the suitcase. The worker bumps Priya’s suitcase with other couple. They all hears a sound. The couple starts questioning Priya and demands her to open the suitcase. Priya refuses and tells she has a car. The couple leaves when Priya questions them. She then takes the suitcase with her to the room. She opens it and smirks at the unconscious Gopika and says Goodnight.

Precap: Modi’s gains their consciousness and starts searching for Gopika. Priya enters the house and greets them good morning. Gopika in the hotel room is tied to the bed. Saksham asks Priya to tell where is Gopika. Priya tells they have only two hours left and Gopika is in a room. Modi’s goes to search for Gopika. Priya tells that she was tired not getting proper sleep in the hotel so she is going to have proper sleep now. Gopika struggles to get rid off from the tied rope.

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