Tera Mera Saath Rahe 21st March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Saksham gives a saree as gift to Gopika and asks her to wear it. Priya overhears and thinks that she wont let this opportunity to let go of her. Saksham and Gopika comes downstairs while the family members are waiting for them in the living room.

Chirag tells Gopika that she looks confident. Gopika says to Mithila that Saksham gifted her this saree. Mithila tells that she understands and tells her that she looks beautiful in it. Minal tells Gopika that they can go and pray to God. Priya tells that she wants one opportunity to execute her plan. Gopika prays to God to help her give her exams. Mithila and the family members asks Gopika to not to be nervous and suggests her to keep her mind calm. Saksham tells them to give her any idea if they have because he already told this all to Gopika. Mithila asks Ashi to bring Curd and Sugar for good luck. Priya smiles and says that she have the opportunity now.

Mithila feeds Curd and Sugar to Gopika. She then gives it to Minal. Minal feeds Gopika. Priya comes there and snatches the bowl from Minal saying even she wants to give her competitor a curd and sugar for good luck. Gopika turns away but Priya forcibly brings a spoon near Gopika’s face and the curd and sugar falls on Gopika’s saree. Modi’s scolds Priya. Priya acts to which Gopika asks her not to and tells everyone that Priya doesn’t want to see her in yellow saree that’s why she spoiled it but she have another one which Mithila gave her so she is going to change that.

Gopika changes her saree to the one in which Priya written all the answers. She leaves. Modi’s tells Priya that no matter what Gopika will defeat her in this challenge and Priya has to leave this house. Priya smiles happily ignoring their words. Mithila wonders why Priya looks this happy and says to herself that Priya must have done something to trouble Gopika. Saksham drops Gopika in the exam centre. He kisses her cheek and wishes her good luck. Gopika thanks Saksham for supporting her dreams and helping her all this while to achieve it.

Saksham asks Gopika to enter the exam hall before it’s too late. Priya in the room thinks to herself that within few minutes her plan is going to work on her favor and Gopika will come to the house while crying. Ashi comes there and mocks Priya. Priya warns her and tells her that she is enjoying the sun light. Gopika in the exam hall takes seat it her place. The teacher asks the students to keep their things away.

Gopika and others puts it away. She then sees the sunlight falling on her and gets shocked seeing all the answers are in her saree. She learns Priya’s plan and wonders what she is going to do to stop this. She then gets shocked seeing the answers disappears once the sunlight leaves. She realises the answers will be visible if sunlight falls on her. She decides to change her place but the teacher tells no. She excuses herself thinking that she cant afford getting caught in cheating in an exam.

Meanwhile Priya worries hearing weather report which Ashi told her. She then gets happy when once again the sun light spreads every where. Mithila tells Minal that she is sure Gopika is going to make them proud. Minal agrees with her. Gopika calls Saksham and asks him to come to the ladies washroom saying she need his help.

Ramila comes to the Modi’s house. Mithila and Minal gets surprised seeing her changeover. Ashi comes there and questions it. Ramila lies that she bought all these in a sale. Mithila asks her the reason behind her sudden visit. Ramila tells that she is happy for Gopika and she is sure Gopika will pass in the exams to share this happiness she bought sweet for them. Priya in her room thinks that now Gopika must have learnt about her plan and she can’t wait to see her returning to home with tear filled eyes. Saksham meets Gopika in a ladies washroom and he gets shocked learning about Priya’s plan. Gopika asks Saksham to help her get a saree. Saksham promises her and leaves the restroom.

He then realises at this early hour there will be no shop which is open. Ramila gives sweets to everyone. She then gets shocked and worried seeing Subhadra. She gets relaxed when Subhadra asks her sweet. Mithila questions Ramila about her behavior. Ramila tells that she is worried that Subhadra might attack her as she is not mentally stable. She then leaves the place. Saksham asks two women to give him a saree. They both misunderstands and scolds him..the teacher gives answers sheet to everyone and questions Gopika’s whereabouts.

Saksham tells Gopika that she failed to find a saree which worries Gopika. Saksham calms her down. Subhadra recalls Ramila’s face and sketches it. She then shows it to Ashi asking her to give it to Mithila. Ashi throws the sketch away thinking that Mithila will scold her if she shows her mother’s sketch and leaves the room.

Precap: Priya says that Gopika wants to put checkmate right but she will show her how it is done. Modi’s are unconscious. Priya books a hotel room. She then opens a suitcase where Gopika lies unconscious. She smirks and tells no one can help Gopika now.

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