Tera Mera Saath Rahe 17th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Gopika tells the family members today’s day is good for her. Saksham tells it should be because she shut Priya’s mouth by giving her a befitting reply. Priya comes there bringing a ladder. Gopika and others asks her what is she doing. Priya ignores them and puts a frame on either side of the entry of the living room. She then asks Gopika Saksham Ashi and Chirag do they have any idea that what she just done. She says that one side of the wall her tenth grade marks and shows off how she scored eighty plus marks in all subject. She then points out at the other side of the wall which has empty photo frame and says in this Gopika’s tenth grade marks will be and mocks saying it will be always empty.

Saksham asks Priya to stop her nonsense and says if her drama is over then he is going to remove the frame from its place and goes to remove it. Gopika stops Saksham and goes to Priya and says that she always learned that the one who are educated will always stay grounded but the way she is showing off is different from the actual facts. She also says that they both can never be same because she never betrayed anyone and married that person nor she troubled hurt the person or his/her family for her own selfish reasons so they both can never be the same. Priya looks at Gopika.

Chirag praises Gopika and asks her to leave the place saying they can have a coffee peacefully. Priya stops Gopika by asking is she is scared when Gopika and others decides to leave the place. Gopika turns around and looks at Priya. Priya asks Gopika is she is scared that she cant beat her in tenth grade marks even after her family is by her side. She then mocks saying that she may get help from her family members to plan against her but when it comes to studies and exams she can’t exactly take help from them because she is the one who has to study and give exams alone and no one can do that for her.

Saksham tells Priya that the family is by Gopika’s side and will always by her side. Chirag and Ashi also supports Gopika and asks Priya to not to try to act as a over smart person. Priya tells Gopika that if she gets more marks than her in tenth grade exam then she will leave the house and Saksham forever but if Gopika fails to get more marks than her then Gopika has to leave the Modi’s and forwards her hand asking is she ready for this challenge. Other side Mithila and Minal goes to the place where Ramila comes to take money by disguising herself.

Mithila asks the blackmailer where she needs to put the bag. She also tells that they will give her money whenever she wants but asks her to show her the face to them. Ramila points out the place to put the bag which has money in it. Mithila puts the bag there. Ramila takes the money from the bag and puts it in another one which she bought. Minal worries if the blackmailer don’t take the bag with her then they can’t able to succeed in their plan.

Mithila lies to the blackmailer about the price of the bag so Ramila takes it and leaves the place. Mithila tells Minal that she put the tracker inside the bag which will help them find the blackmailer. Minal gets happy and tells Mithila that just like this she hope in coaching class Gopika performed well too.

Saksham tells Gopika that she dont have to agree to this deal of Priya because the divorce procedure has been started and it will happen soon within few months. Priya tells Gopika if she gets more marks than her then they don’t have to tolerate her for many months because the exam is in a week and she will leave their life though. Saksham and Chirag-Ashi asks Gopika to not agree to this deal. Gopika puts her hand on Priya and says that she is agreeing to her deal making Priya happy and others upset. Priya thinks to herself that Gopika fall into her trap the way she planned and smirks. Other side Mithila and Minal follows Ramila using the tracking device instructions. They gets shocked learning the blackmailer is in the same area where Ramila is and determines to find who it is.

Ramila happily says to herself that she got money also an expensive bag as a jackpot. She then sees a women carrying a similar bag and questions her about the price of the bag. The women mocks at Ramila for spending so much money for the bag shocking Ramila. Mithila and Minal finds the bag in the trash bin. Mithila swears on God and tells that she will find the blackmailer at any cost. Ramila enters her house and tells that she should have thought about Mithila being generous enough to give her an expensive bag and then ignores it saying that she is safe now and happily says that she have money too.

Priya’s uncle scolds Priya for striking a deal with Gopika which will stop him from coming to the house to steal the things. Priya asks her uncle to calm down saying that Gopika will never able to get high marks than her. She also tells her uncle that she wants a help and asks him to buy a special pen. Her uncle agrees which makes Priya smirk. Saksham scolds Gopika for agreeing to Priya’s deal. Mithila and Minal enters the house. Saksham asks where they went. Mithila lies to them and asks what’s happening here. Ashi tells Mithila and Minal that Gopika made a blunder by accepting Priya’s deal. Gopika looks at Mithila.

Gopika explains Mithila that she agreed to this deal with Priya after thinking so much. Mithila tells Gopika that she supports Gopika’s decision and tells till now its Gopika who always win every deal and challenges so this time also Gopika will win and says that she has faith in Gopika also asks God to help Gopika to succeed in this. Saksham tells if Mithila says this then their support will be with Gopika too. Gopika takes blessings from both Mithila and Minal. Saksham tells Gopika that today onwards she should concentrate on her studies only.

Gopika takes blessings from the God and starts preparing for the exams. Saksham Mithila Minal and Chirag helps and encourages Gopika all the time. Gopika studies. She then takes a nap on the couch. After few days Saksham and Mithila comes to Gopika and asks her is she completed her studies and tells tomorrow is her exam. Gopika happily says yes. Saksham and Mithila reminds Gopika today is Holi also tells her about their celebration plan. Later everyone gathers and starts applying colors on one another face. Saksham searches for Gopika to apply color on her. Gopika watches this from far and says to herself that today Saksham need to put some efforts to get her.

Saksham sees Gopika and the latter runs away and Saksham also runs behind her. Everyone dances happily to the song and the other side Saksham determines to catch Gopika to apply colors on her. Priya comes out of the house and sees everyone is happy. She thinks to herself that she wont let anyone apply color on her nor she will let Gopika go to her exam on time because she is going to do something that will stop Gopika from gets succeed in her deal. She takes the milk jug and bhaang but when someone tries to apply color on her she leaves the place. Chirag asks Gopika why she is troubling his brother to which Gopika says all she want is Saksham to put a little effort to catch her.

Chirag agrees and leaves. Saksham by mistake hugs someone thinking its Gopika. Gopika laughs at Saksham seeing this. She the runs away from there followed by Saksham. Saksham searches for Gopika who watches Saksham from behind the pillars and smiles. Priya comes to where the milk is and gets ready to mix it with bhaang. Everyone dances to the song happily.

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