Tera Mera Saath Rahe 15th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Minal takes the sketch from Subhadra while the latter is sleeping. Minal gets upset seeing Subhadra just started the sketch but yet to finish. She shows the same to Keshav. Keshav gets angry. Other side Ramila hears their conversation through microphone and thanks God for saving her till now but asks God to save her life by doing something that will stop Subhadra from sketching her face.

Keshav takes the good luck tree in which the microphone is and throws it away angrily. Subhadra wakes up. Keshav runs out of the room. Minal lies to Subhadra and asks her to draw the blackmailers face and leaves the room. Ramila gets upset that Keshav broke the microphone which is hidden in the vase which he thrown away. She worries how she is going to get to know that whether Subhadra is going to sketch her face or not. Gopika in the living room prepares for the exams. Minal comes there and gives her badam saying it will help her remember all the things she studied.

Gopika eats the badam. After some time Chirag comes there and gives her a coffee saying it will help her to not to feel sleepy. Gopika drinks it. Mithila comes there and tells Gopika that she knows she must be hungry so asks her to have food and leaves the place. Saksham comes there and gives something to eat to Gopika and leaves. The foods left untouched while Gopika studies. Minal Mithila and Ashi looks at Gopika from one side of the pillar and the other side Saksham and Chirag watches Gopika.

Chirag tells that Gopika looks cute while studying. Everyone agrees with him. Gopika sees them and questions why they are looking at her. They all turns away. Chirag asks everyone to not to see Gopika. Gopika starts studying but once again Modi’s looks at her which she feels and tells them that they are distracting her. Everyone goes to Gopika.

Gopika tells whatever she is studying she can’t able to remember anything and she is worried how she is going to give the exams. Chirag suggests that they should make Gopika join a coaching class. They all likes the idea. Gopika gets happy. She assures the family members that she will give her best in her exams and get good marks. Saksham calls some coaching class for Gopika’s admission. Priya watches this from upstairs and thinks that she need to do something to stop Gopika from achieving her goal and smirks.

Ramila in her room thinks how she is going to learn what is happening in the house. She also worries what will happen next if Subhadra sketches her face and the family members learns its hers. She prays to God to save her by making Subhadra ill or make her forget about everything. Modi’s waits for Gopika who gets ready to go to coaching class. Ashi tells Ramila over the call that she is scared to meet Subhadra because she is a crazy women also she may attack her.

Ramila asks her to go and see whether Subhadra finished her sketch or not because its important for her and she will let her know everything later. Ashi goes to Subhadra’s room. Subhadra looks at Ashi and the latter gets scared and apologises. Subhadra tells Ashi to see that she sketched what they asked her to. Ramila gets shocked hearing Subhadra’s words. Ashi sees the half face of a person. Gopika takes blessings from everyone and leaves with Saksham.

Ramila asks Ashi to stop Subhadra at any cost by giving the sketch to the Modi’s and refuses to listen to what Ashi wants to say so Ashi follows Subhadra asking her to stop. Subhadra gives the sketch to Mithila saying she sketched this. Ramila gets upset with Ashi for not stopping Subhadra on time. Chirag points out about the half done sketch and questions it. Ramila gets happy hearing Chirags words and thanks god for saving her.

Mithila lies to Chirag that as per doctor’s advice she asked Subhadra to draw a sketch and leaves the place with Minal with the sketch in her hand. Ramila also lies to Ashi that she is just checking up on Subhadra nothing else. Saksham and Gopika reaches the coaching centre. Saksham wishes Gopika a good luck and urges her to go before the class gets started. Gopika enters the room. The students stands up and greets her thinking she is a teacher but Gopika tells them that she is also one of the student. The students jokes at her for studying at this age. One guy asks Gopika about her age. Gopika tells she is twenty five.

Minal worriedly says to Mithila that they can’t do anything with the incompleted sketch. Mithila tells either Subhadra remebers this much only or else she saw half of the blackmailer face but either way she will find the blackmailer and asks Minal to let her know when the blackmailer calls them again. The principal enters the room and the students greets him.

The principal tells the students due to some reason Gopika cant able to continue her studies so now she wants to complete it and asks them to support her. He also tells that there is a new teacher and calls the person. Gopika looks back and gets shocked seeing Priya. Priya looks at Gopika and thinks to herself that she will make sure today itself Gopika leaves her idea to study at all. All thr students stands up to greet Priya. Priya asks them to have their seat but Gopika remains standing in her position.

Priya tells she is not a strict person but if someone refuses to obey then she will become one. She then asks Gopika’s name. Gopika says it. Priya mocks at her for not having a surname. She then asks her about her favorite subject but when Gopika says its English Priya tells she is going to teach science and asks Gopika a question. Gopika starts saying but Priya interrupts and mocks her for not saying the right answer. She then asks her to leave the class. Priya then tells the kids that she thinks Gopika must have studied each class for three years and laughs with the students. She then makes Gopika stand on the bench and starts throwing science related questions.

Gopika struggles to reply which leads Priya to punish her. One of the student says to Gopika is this necessary for her to get humiliated at this age. Priya tells the students that she dont think that they can able to complete their coaching on time. It will take two to three months and it’s all because of Gopika. The students says that they have pre board exams in a week. The bell rings so everyone goes out to have lunch. Gopika wipes her tears and tells whatever Priya did with her today is not right.

Precap: One of the student asks Gopika to leave the classes but Gopika asks her to give her a chance but the students refuses to listen to Gopika’s pleas. The principal gives three days time to Gopika to find another coaching centre. Priya taunts Gopika. Gopika looks on.

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