Tera Mera Saath Rahe 14th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Keshav tells Ramila that they brought the money but they aren’t aware Subhadra is following them. Ramila tells over the phone call its not her problem and now she wants three lakhs. Keshav gets shocked but before he could reply Mithila snatches the mobile from his hand and tells the blackmailer over the call that they won’t give her a single penny. Ramila tells that she is not going to fall for him just because he changed his voice and pretending as someone else. Mithila tells its Mithila only and they wont give her any money. Ramila gets shocked but tells Mithila that now she learnt she is also involved in this conspiracy so she want four lakhs. Mithila tells the blackmailer (Ramila) she wont give her money and asks her to do whatever she wants.

Ramila threatens and cuts the call. Mithila scolds Keshav and Minal for taking such steps without informing her. She also gets upset with Minal for not telling her about this before. Minal says that they all are already worried about Priya’s actions so she dont want her to stress more. Mithila tells that they are family no matter what they will be there for each other.

She then tells now they learnt that the blackmailer is a women so its little easy to find who it is. Minal tells Mithila that Subhadra saw the blackmailer but she is saying she dont remember anything. Mithila says that she has an idea and smiles. Gopika arranges the dining table and worries that she didnt start her studies yet for the board exams if this continues then she will fail. She then prays to God. Priya comes there and tells that she wishes her not to get anything whatever she is asking to God now. She then asks breakfast but Gopika replies her that she is an outsider so she has to cook for herself and goes inside.

Priya mocks her by asking her surname. Saksham comes there and tells that Priya will not share his name as her surname anymore. Priya jokes is he going to change his name. Saksham says no and tells that they are going to get divorce and calls his lawyer. His lawyer enters the house. Priya asks Saksham the lawyer is real one right in a mocking way. Saksham asks Gopika to call all the family members to living room. Gopika nods okay and leaves the place.

Mithila goes to Subhadra and asks her to help them find the blackmailer saying its important for them to learn who she is so that they can able to save their family from that blackmailer. She asks Subhadra to take time and sketch the blackmailers face. She further says not only them but also Gopika’s life is in danger so asks her to help them. Minal reminds Subhadra that the blackmailer had gun in her hand so its easy for her to hurt anyone so asks her to help them. Gopika enters the room and asks what they are doing here to Mithila and Minal.

She then tells that Saksham calling them to downstairs. Mithila asks her to go and they will come..Gopika agrees and leaves the place. Mithila smiles at Subhadra and asks her to help them by sketching the blackmailers face and leaves the room. In the living room the lawyer tells Priya that she married Saksham by betraying him also she tried to kill his family members so he filed a case on the court. Inorder to get rid of all those charges she needs to sign the divorce papers and takes the file. Priya mocks and asks is the lawyer is a real one. Then she tells that even she has lawyer and she can also file a case on Saksham.

Saksham challenges her to do it. Priya asks the lawyer inorder to get the divorce soon both the parties had to agreed and sign the divorce papers that’s how Saksham and Gopika also got divorce but what if one person doesn’t agree and dont sign the divorce papers then it will drag for a long time and its more than enough for her to change the game and get what she wants. Mithila tells Priya that time can only tell the answer that who wins. Priya leaves the place with a smile on her face. Mithila asks the family members to not to worry saying that they can face Priya together. They all nods okay.

Gopika in her room thinks that she needs to give this gift to Saksham and decides to leave but Saksham enters the room with an envelope in his hand and bumps into Gopika. They both hide what they have in their hand. Saksham asks Gopika where she is going to which the latter tells that she wants to see him that’s why she decide to go to his room. Saksham smiles and tells even he wants to see her that’s why came here. Gopika asks the reason but Saksham asks her to tell him first. Gopika obliges and shows him the gift she bought for him. Saksham asks her to make him wear it. Gopika helps him. Saksham gets romantic with Gopika.

He then accuses Gopika’s eyes for making him forget everything. He then tells her that he wants to give her something. He kneels down and give the envelope to Gopika and the latter opens it and gets happy seeing the board exams admit card. She hugs Saksham and promises him that she will work hard and pass the exams. She further tells Saksham that this is the best gift ever. Priya overhears their conversation and tells that she will make sure Gopika fails in her exams also in her life. Mithila prays to God and shows the admit card and asks God to shower his blessings on Gopika. Saksham searches for Gopika.

Mithila and Saksham thinks that Priya has to do something with Gopika’s sudden disappearance. Other side Ramila gets upset that Mithila ruined her plan and thinks how she learn that what their next move and realises about the hidden microphone she put it on Subhadra’s room so she puts the headset on to hear what’s happening. Keshav and Minal enters the room. Keshav tells Minal that they have to see whose face Subhadra sketched. Ramila gets shocked and curses both Subhadra and Gopika for their talent and worries. Minal takes the sketch in her hand and gets shocked. Mithila Saksham and Ashi enters Priya’s room. They ties Priya’s hand and asks her to tell where Gopika is. Priya says that she doesn’t know. Mithila warns her.

Chirag comes there and takes them with him to show where Gopika is. They all find her inside the cupboard in a store room. They asks her the reason also asks her to come out of it. After so much persuasion Gopika comes out and shares her worries about her exams also how she is scared. Mithila pacifies her by saying they will be there to help her. Saksham suggests that they should make studying as fun for Gopika which leads Chirag to joke at him. Mithila Ashi and Chirag leaves the room laughing. Gopika looks on.

Precap: Gopika is in an institute where Priya is introduced as their new tutor shocking Gopika. Priya thinks to herself that she will make sure Gopika leaves her studies for what she is going to do. She then asks Gopika a question and mocks at her for replying wrong which leads other to laugh.

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