Tera Mera Saath Rahe 10th February 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Priya mixes the paste into Gopika’s lotion. She says your face will burn now. Nikhila looks for Gopika. She comes to her room. Priya is hiding. Nikhila chooses the lotion. She says this cream looks good for dryness. she chooses it. Priya tells me to stop her. Nikhila is called. She stops. She takes the bottle. Priya says she screwed up my plan.

Scene 2
Tejal opens the gift box and says that Raj sent it. She takes out teddy. She says it’s cute. Hitain says where are you from? She says it’s none of your business. She hides the teddy bear. Hitain calls on her number. He says Kiara.. I missed you. Did you get my present? She says it’s fun. He says you’re nice. If a man had given it to his wife, she would love it. He says you’re not cranky at all. Tejal says not every woman is that bad. Ramila yells is anyone home? They both hear and hang up. Ramila says to Tejal where were you? She says it’s none of your business. Ramila tells me to make juice. Tejal says I’m not your servant.

Scene 3
Jignesh calls Nikhila and says I found that woman. She’s in front of me. Nikhila says well done. Bring her to me. The woman walks away. Jignesh is looking for her. He calls Nikhila and says she ran away. Nikhila says to find her and bring her to me. Priya says who was she talking to? Nikhila says how he could miss her. She takes the lotion bottle. Priya says no please. Nikhila says what’s wrong with you? How dare you come to my room? Get out. Priya says you hate me for no reason. Give me one chance, I’ll be the best DIL. Nikhhila says don’t do this drama in front of me. Priya says the date has expired on this cream. Don’t use it. Nikhila says give me the bottle I will check myself. Nikhila checks it. She says the date is not visible. Priya says not to use it. Use these. Nikhila says how did you walk around with another cream? Priya says I got it for you as a present. Nikhila throws it away.

The woman is hiding from Jignes. She sees Ramila on the road. She tries to stop her.
Priya puts the cream back on Gopika’s dressing table. Gopika comes and uses the cream. She stops. Gopika dries her hair. Priya says why she is wasting time. Gopika takes the cream again. Priya says it would be so much fun if she screams. Gopika goes to the washroom. Priya sneaks out. Gopika screams. Priya says my job is done.

Scene 4
Nikhila welcomes all guests. Ramila comes too. Aashi hugs her. She says come in. Ramila says Gopika got more money? Aashi doesn’t say yet. Minal says welcome Ramila. Hitain also enters. Priya is getting ready. She says everyone will see my beautiful face in munh dikhai today. My Saksham will be mine publicly. She applies a cream. Priya screams. Gopika enters. Priya says what have you done? Gopika says I saw what you did with my cream. Do you think I’m an idiot? You left your cream there. You were hiding behind my bed. Does it hurt a lot? Priya tells you.. Gopika says how are you going down now? Priya says I even go down with burning hands. Servant says Minal asks you to come down. Priya says I’m coming. Gopika tells me to let you carry the dupatta, because you can’t use your hands now. Gopika says you don’t even know what’s going to happen when you wear this dupatta.

Precap-Gopika dances downstairs with Saksham. Priya falls here and there in the room. Their faces are hidden.

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