Tattoo Shops in Kochi

Tattoo Shops in Kochi Finding a good tattoo shop to having your dream tattoo is crucial. From safety to hygiene, everything must be considered especially in these difficult times. The procedure of inserting needles into the skin must be done in a clean manner. If you don’t it could lead to illnesses and health problems. Additionally, the art needs been proven to be effective because tattoos last forever and can also display your character in a manner.

In Kochi there are numerous tattoo artists eager to do their best to make the tattoo you’ve always wanted become reality. With all of these in mind, here’s a the list of the most talented tattoo artists from Kochi to help you.

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Colour On Tattoo Studio

Colour On Tattoo Studio tattoo in Kochi serves what the customer needs. It is mainly based on black ink tattoos. But they do color ink tattoos too. The price rate here is very reasonable. The owner is very polite and intends to make the perfect tattoo art his customer wants. They have a very good name for modifying the old tattoos and changing the whole tattoo look beautifully. So, it is definitely a thumb for being of the bests tattoo parlors in Kochi.

Rating: 4.9/5 out of 124 Google reviews
Address: Metro Pillar No.654, MG Road, Near Padma Theatre, Kochi, Kerala 682018
Phone: 079071 64913

Kalon Tattoo Studio

Kalon Tattoo Studio has incredible artists. The tattoo art definitely depends on artists and they excel at their work. They are very experienced and they will sincerely do your designs. You can go for your custom designs too. Their specialty is geometric designs and Mandalas. You can get plenty of vintage design tattoos here. Cover-up and rework is also done here. They also do large-scale tattoos. You can also do full-body tattoos over here.

Rating: 5.0/5 out of 107 Google reviews
Address: Kuttickat Towers, Door No.330 E Second Floor Kizhakkekotta, Road, Thrippunithura, Kochi, Kerala 682301
Phone: 080891 40410

Dreamcatcher Tattoo Studio Kochi

Dreamcatcher Tattoo Studio is a very popular tattoo studio in Kochi. The interior of the studio and excellent staff make the place even better. They are very helpful. They not only will fulfill your wish of having the tattoos you want; they would also do some research and suggest to you some improvements that you can have in your design. Their specialty is portrait tattoos. They also do some amazing jobs on watercolor, photorealism, and abstract tattoos. Your every penny will be worth it if you choose this tattoo studio.

Rating: 4.7/5 out of 303 Google reviews
Address: 1st Floor Manghat Apartments, 54/3170, Kaloor – Kadavanthara Rd, Near Volga Bar, Kochi, Kerala 682020
Phone: 099958 48022

Fernz Shadow Tattoo Studio Kochi

Fernz tattoo Studio provides both permanent and temporary tattoos. From old school to modern-day tattoos, they have covered it all for you. They have electric tattoo machines for permanent tattoos and even specially formulated UV nightglow tattoos. These UV nightglow tattoos are wash-off skin tattoos. These are fluorescent tattoos meant for party nights. They also do customized tattoos. They will also help you with the aftercare of the tattoos once you get inked.

Rating: 4.8/5 out of 110 Google reviews
Address: Chirattapalam Road, KB Jacob Rd, Fort, Kochi, Kerala 682001
Phone: 098958 00182

Man-Machine Tattoo & body piercing

Man-Machine Tattoo & body piercing. The tattoo studio was started in 2011. The owner does not copy from the internet. His style is mostly abstract and portrait, black and grey intense. He mainly uses special disposable needles for each of his work. He also does body piercing and is very good at his work. This place is very hygienic. this place is highly recommended.

Rating: 4.6/5 out of 156 Google reviews
Address: Folklore Cultural Theater, opposite Bus Station, Fort Kochi, Kerala 682001
Phone: 088911 76273

Infected Monkz

Infected Monkz is a very famous tattoo studio in Kochi. It mainly does modern tattoos. The staff over here are very well trained and is very professional. They also take pride in saying that they take care of the hygiene and uses all the sterilized things for their customers. They also do temporary tattoos. The prices are also very reasonable over here. They give one of the finest qualities with amazing tattoo art than most tattoo artists. You won’t regret once you visit this place. This place is recommended without any doubt.

Rating: 4.6/5 out of 383 Google reviews
Address: 39/1146, NJRA-275(A First Floor, North Janatha Road, Citizen Ln, Palarivattom, Kochi, Kerala 682025
Phone: 089213 91321

The Deepink Tattooz

The Deeplink Tattooz has award-winning tattoo artists. he has also been the trainer of some very famous tattoo artists in India. So, this place will give you the absolute best tattoo art creations. Their specialty is the realist works of art they do. Along with the well-maintained studio, the machines and everything is well maintained and the place is also very hygienic. they like to call their work “hyper-realistic”. From minimalist tattoos to large designs, they do it all magnificently.

Rating: 4.9/5 out of 213 Google reviews
Address: First floor, MGV Towers, Pallissery, junction, Puthiya Rd, Kochi, Kerala 682032
Phone: 081368 33401

Arcturians Tattoo Studio

Arcturians Tattoo Studio is a tattoo studio with talented tattoo artists. They also have a very reasonable price. They do customized tattoos and customers say that they turn out better than they expect. The studio is very hygienic too. The staff over there are friendly and have a great attitude. So, this place is a thumbs up.

Rating: 4.8/5 out of 197 Google reviews
Address: Arcturians Tattoo & Art Studio, Karingachira, Thrippunithura, Kochi, Kerala 682305
Phone: 095679 91944


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