Top 10 Best Small Business Ideas in Mumbai with Low Investment in 2022

Top 10 Best Small Business Ideas in Mumbai with Low Investment in 2022

Are you keen to start your business in Mumbai? Mumbai is a favourable ground for various business ideas

Mumbai constitutes 6.6 per cent of the national GDP. The city is successfully carrying the tag: Economic capital of India.

Opening a business in Mumbai is a great idea. The large-scale population of 19.98 million with various financial movements makes the town favourable for new introducing businesses.

In Mumbai, you need to pull off a successful business idea to survive in the long run.

Here to help you, we have come up with the best business ideas to establish your business in Mumbai:


Are you curious about food-related business? Then establishing a fast food restaurant is successfully profitable in Mumbai. The success of a restaurant depends upon various aspects: like pricing, location, menu, ambience, etc.

The competitive level in this business is high. You need to acquire a large number of customers by providing good food.

You can also offer several types of fish foods, veg, and non-veg food to your visitors. Also, you can customize your menu according to the demand of your visitors.

Scope of the business

A good restaurant never runs in a loss. Start by targeting the local office workers, with providing good foods at low prices. Your customer quantity would go so huge, and you would start earning and maximizing profits.

Reason for starting this business

  • All-year-round business.
  • Always high in demand
  • High Profitability


Grocery Delivery Services

Are you looking for a small and profitable business in Mumbai? Starting a grocery delivery service can turn out to be a successful idea. 

It requires a small investment and its highly profitable work. The idea to distribute grocery items to restaurants or even in customer houses gives you a high rank of success in your business.

Scope of this business

Mumbai is a working and busy city with busy schedules of people. Most people are looking to conserve their energy and time in their household needs.

People with self-pampering and higher income can turn out to be favourable as a good customer base for your grocery delivery business.

Reason to start this business:

  • Low starting cost.
  • It can be run with ease in the home, minimizing place setup cost.
  • Online working is possible
  • High-profit margin
  • Can be run part-time.


Fruit Juice Kiosk

Everyone appreciates a glass of fresh fruit juice on hot, humid days. Starting fruit juice is one of the best business opportunities in Mumbai.

When you invest a bit high of about Rs. 9-12 lakhs, you kiosk would acquire everything that the city wants and appreciates and would love to chill after a long tiring day. 

Firstly your store needs to be approved by the locality guidance. You have to pay the rent and purchase some raw materials like fruits, mixer grinder, container, and others.

Scope of the business

These days’ people go healthy; prefer drinking a glass of juice than consuming fast food. 

 If you can arrange some tables, pleasant room freshener, air conditioning, it would increase your profits and customers.

Reason to start this business:

  • Mumbai is a crowded city.
  • Always high in demand
  • Highly profitable


Automobile Repair Shop

It is one of the most profitable business opportunities in Mumbai. The investment is not so high, and easy to maximize profit margin.

All you need is to hire a trained and skilled person. Who handles the automobile requirement of your customer?

Scope of this business

Mumbai is a busy city with extreme traffic conditions. Thousand of automobiles run daily, which has special requirements to keep up with the performance. So there is higher scope in this business.

For more growth, you can also try investing in branding to acquire most customers.

Reason to start this business:

  • Low investment.
  • All year demand.
  • No scarcity of vehicles.



Do you feel the urge to make fashionable clothes? No matter how common it is: but it is always trending. If you can pull off the new trend and stock up your inventory, your business would flourish and earn profits.

When the products are of good quality and promising, it increases the audience demand and causes the business to grow.

Scope of the business

There is always the excitement of buying trendy clothes in all age groups: Especially in a highly fashionable metro city like Mumbai.

So with creating unique designs and business strategies, you can straight-away reach the top with the business.

Reasons for starting the business:

  • Turn excitement into the profession
  • Highly successful and profitable
  • Always high in demand


Man Power service

Mumbai produces a high demand for Manpower service. If you are successful in building a team of skilled people from various fields, who are ready to work on temporary projects, you can grab this business opportunity idea.

The early investment is less, and the return of profits depends on the company you are dealing with: You do not require any higher sources to run this business. All you need is a computer to store your paperwork and project files.

Scope of the business

 Mumbai is the primary of various industries. A large-scale workforce is essential to carry work on different projects. 

Nowadays, companies deal in individual contracts. They desire a single point of a contract and organize the whole service. 

So if you can deal with great companies, this can turn out to be a profitable business to run with a small investment.

Reasons to start this business:

  • Low starting investment
  • Having online dealing skills is a great advantage.
  • High profit.
  • No project scarcity as a lot of people from different fields is gathered to form a team.


Corporate event management

If you have a laptop, a mobile, connected to the internet? You can start your corporate event management business in Mumbai.

 All you need is good communicating skills to convince people. With a well-defined business objective, you can then start up your own event management business with ease.

Scope of the business

Mumbai is the retail capital of India. It produces favourable market conditions for the event management business in India.

This business allows you to connect with celebrities, corporate moguls, which permit you to build a strong network prospect.

Reason to start this business:

  • Low initial investment.
  • An opportunity to build strong connections.
  • Highly profitable.
  • Fewer efforts required. You can work from home, without going to the office.


Real Estate Consultant

People always find it problematic to find the right home when living in a city like Mumbai? A real estate business is favourable for the customers to book the perfect apartment or an office.

It is better to charge a low commission at the starting of your business, which in the future promises to give a healthy source of income.

Scope of the business

Mumbai is the place of demand in real estate properties. A real estate counsellor’s demand is high: With proper research and the right contacts. You can with ease start earning and maximizing profits as a real estate ate consultant in Mumbai.

Reasons to start this business:

  • High in demand
  • High profitability of income


Digital Marketing Agency

No matter if you choose an online or an offline business. Digital marketing has become the basic needs for people. The digital improvement of the country has created a higher scope for a digital marketer.

Scope of the business

In this era of growth, promoting or branding through the medium of Digital media is the most profitable and fastest way to target a bulk audience.

In case you know a bit about this. Then you can start up this business as it gives a higher profitable and humorous growth in the short run.

Reasons to start this business:

  • Huge prospects.
  • You can work online and get clients all around the globe.
  • Initial stage investment is low.


Green decorator

Are you a professional interior decorator? If yes, you have this business opportunity.

You can invest in the display, sales, infrastructure, client reviews, and startup the business with a skilled person willing to work.

When you got clients and projects, it’s time to brand, try investing in online business commercials, and mark your social media existence.

It is a great option to develop brand awareness with your customers these days.

Scope of the business this business:

Green landscaping is emerging in Mumbai. Due to the high population, city people are more conscious of making their surroundings clean.

So this business opportunity is a good concept for you. All you need is to connect with various business contractors to get more projects with ease and pace.

 Reasons to start this business:

  • Starting capital is low.
  • Highly profitable.



Mumbai is a city full of new ideas and higher opportunities. One just had to think outside the box to take the risk, earn and become something.

Here we have made you know the best business opportunity to start your business. Now it comes to you to pick one and strive forward, whatever favours you and you have an interest in.


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