Top 10 High Profitable Small Business Ideas in Gurgaon with Low Investment

Top 10 High Profitable Small Business Ideas in Gurgaon with Low Investment

Haryana is known as the best-performing state in the country as per its financial health.

The state is a prominent industrialized state of India. As its percentage share in national income is 50% in passenger cars, 50% in motorcycles, 30% in refrigerators, etc.

Haryana is considered the ideal place to start a small-scale business. Another emerging part of Haryana is Gurgaon.

The Gurgaon city is emerging as one of the crucial points for informational technologies and automobile industries.

The city of Gurgaon is also known as the Cybercity of Haryana for its many multinational emerging companies.

The fast growth and advancement of Gurgaon have given new ideas to start a profitable business in Gurgaon.

In this article, you would get to know the best and profitable business to start up your career in Gurgaon:


The city of Gurgaon has flipped its adversities into opportunities by gaining crowds from every place that are Noida, Delhi, and Haryana.

The city has got the advantages of magnificent natural places like flora and fauna, Damdama Lake, Sohna Lake, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary and mountains like Aravalli.

The king of dreams directs the nightlife and several theatrical entertainments. It has been a plus point in the increase of the tourism business.

Many of the adventurous sports like kayaking, rock climbing, boating are also present. The tourism traffic has opened many business ideas in Gurgaon.

Consulting Business

To get new business ideas in Gurgaon requires specialized skills, knowledge, identification of difficulties, and patiently dealing with them to have the right decision.

The companies hire Consultants belonging to several fields like advertising companies, computer companies, environmental consulting, health consulting, etc.

Domain knowledge and good personality trait are crucial. It needs with understanding the true goal of business is key to the success of a business.

When organized and operated successfully, your business would run inflow to earn and maximize profits.

Car repair Services

Gurgaon is an urbanized city. There is no absence of cars. It is simpler to witness several damaged to make entry to the garage for servicing.

The profit scope in this business is high. You can give a combination of services like car detailing, arranging accessories, and equipment that are difficult to find.

Are you good with networking, practical experience, and knowledge? If yes! You can quickly maximize your profits and run your business with ease.

Social Media service

Nowadays, social media has maximum users. There is barely anyone who is not in touch with social media.

If you are good with writing abilities and getting good clients, then you can start ghost-writing, blogging, content writing for different organizations on several platforms to make your presence felt in the market.

Nowadays, many of the big or small companies provide higher pay rates to write for them.

Mobile paper shredding

Every document has a fixed life span that needs disposal. These are some of the confidential documents.

You can open these small-scale business ideas in Gurgaon. By offering services to law firms, hospitals, schools, big companies at their doorsteps. This business also needs promotion for this advertises on online programs or newspapers.

Food Trunk

These small-scale business ideas in Gurgaon, for example, a food trunk, are slowly gaining demand. You can also start this business with small investments. It also gives you the freedom to operate the business from anywhere.

You can easily promptly direct your truck to a location that has an eminence crowd. The things you require are a license, approval from the government and local authorities to operate.

It is also crucial to identify the market research of your competitors. Their area coverage, and to know the area where you can serve better.

Corporate event planning

This business idea is emerging in the city of Gurgaon. Gurgoan is known as the cyber hub of the state.

The business contributes services to the companies and business enterprises.

They organize events, business meetings, and conferences by giving catering and entertainment services. It also regulates foreign trips, booking tickets, and accommodation, etc. For several clients and employees.

All you need to do is distribute the work to the people concerned, eligible to carry out different tasks.

The main point for the smooth running of the business in the long term is to make a network and connections with various experienced service providers.

Truck transportation 

Gurgoan has a robust industrial and manufacturing base. It also serves moral road accessibility and connectivity. The state of Haryana favours the transport business as a golden opportunity for the business enthusiast.

Each day tons of commodities or products get transported from one city or state to another. If you have a lesser investment, you can also start from one truck and later expand your business.

Cybersecurity service

Cybersecurity services are one of the best business ideas in Gurgaon. Companies hire such agencies or people for their protection against frauds and cybercrimes.

The company posses’ enormous confidential data from its clients. It needs to be securely stored. For providing safety and security, experts are offered a job or hired at good pay.

Open a Coffee shop

Are you keen to know the business idea with small investments? Starting a coffee shop would favour you the most.

The coffee industry has emerged over a decade. Due to the massive growth margin, the coffee shop owners earn tremendous revenue in a short period.

So if you are a coffee person, starting your own coffee business is the best idea to start your business.

The bottom line:

It is Gurgaon or any other city. The most crucial factor needed for a small business to run successfully is hard work and dedication.

It does not matter if you have some particular experience or not. Try to take small steps and look at options that fit your interest.

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