Sirf Tum 7th March 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Ranveer saying he won’t spare Vikrant today. He leaves with the gun and locks Mamta in the room. Mamta tries to stop him and gives him swear that she will kill herself if he harms Vikrant. Ranveer stops hearing that and unlocks the door. He hugs Mamta and cries. Suhani cries in her room while Ansh is sleeping. Ranveer rests his head on Mamta’s lap.

Mamta says she can understand the reason behind his delay as he learned about a shocking truth. His reaction was normal. She asks him to say something. He says why women consider their husbands as God despite their several misdeeds. On one hand Mamta worships Vikrant and on the other Suhani is considering her fake marriage as real. Mamta says she is with him in this tough times. He won’t leave his house today.

Vikrant drinks alcohol and says from day one Ansh is trying to come close to him the reason is he is his son. Vikrant says if everyone knows about it his career will be destroyed, Ansh shouldn’t have told the truth to Ranveer. He gets furious at Ansh and decides to teach him a lesson. Ranveer calls his friends and tells them to enter his house with a heavy ice bar. John and Raghu distract the guard and enter the house. Vikrant is about to catch them but they hide.

John and Raghu give the ice bar to Ranveer and Mamta sees that. Mamta asks them why they brought it here. Why they didn’t ask Ranveer about the reason of bringing the ice. John says Ranveer is trying to control his anger maybe and he didn’t want to reveal anything. Mamta prays for Ranveer’s peace of mind and wonders what Suhani must be feeling.

Ansh wakes up and sits near Suhani. He says he doesn’t want this toxic atmosphere in his house. He asks her stop crying else he will call Rakesh and complain against her. Rakesh will take her with him. Suhani requests him not to call Rakesh. He says if her tear drop falls on his palm then he will call Rakesh. Suhani controls her tears. Ranveer makes Suhani’s face out of the ice and talks to that. He says she learned how to get angry because of him. He says she will forgive him one day and will come back to him as she loves him more than he loves her. He puts the mangalsutra on that.

Mamta blames herself for Ranveer and Suhani’s separation as she hid the truth from Ranveer and Ansh used that scope on the wedding day to separate him and Suhani. Suhani wakes up hearing alarm sound and says she didn’t complete her assignment yet. She has to finish it as today is the last submission date. She tries to write but fails recalling the mishap. She goes to matarani and says why Ranveer is not going out of her mind. She doesn’t want to think about him. He should leave her forever. Ansh notices her and says Ranveer is going to get a shock again.

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