Sirf Tum 4th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Rakesh raises his hand to punch Suhani. Ranveer holds his hand. Rakesh looks at him and wipes his hand. He holds Suhani’s hand. Ranveer says you have a misunderstanding, nothing happened as you thought. Rakesh walks out with Suhani. Ranveer goes after them. Ansh and Riya smile. Ansh says I said I have a treatment, and now Suhani can’t bear this. Ranveer asks Suhani to make her daddy understand. Everyone watches them as Rakesh grabs Suhani and Ranveer holds her back while holding her hand. He says I request you to listen and says I don’t know what you have understood, and until I make myself clear I will not let you take Suhani. Rakesh asks him to leave his daughter’s hand and says I know more about her improvement than you do. Ranveer lets go of her hand. Rakesh leaves with Suhani. John and Raghav ask how this could have happened suddenly? Raghav says why Suhani’s Papa came here for no reason. Ranveer says someone gave the reason.

Ansh asks Riya if you saw Suhani’s face. Riya says Suhani betrayed me, every time I asked her about her feelings for Ranveer she lied to me and said she was a liar. Ranveer gets there and kicks the table. Ann gets angry. Riya stands up shockingly. Ansh asks what is this misconduct? Ranveer asks why you called Suhani’s Papa here and what is wrong with him? Ansh says what you want to think, think it, I don’t want to give you an explanation. Riya says he’s been with me for an hour. Ranveer asks why, didn’t you know how he is? Ansh says you control the lives of others too. Ranveer says if I find out you’re involved, it will be the last day of your life. Riya says that if Ranveer finds out I told Rakesh uncle, he will kill me. Ansh asks her to think about how Suhani is treated in her house.

Rakesh brings Suhani home and pushes her. Dadi asks what happened, why did you drag her along? Sudha is going to bring water. She brings water and gives to Rakesh. Rakesh throws the glass. Dadi asks why you get angry and why Suhani is crying. Rakesh asks Dadi to ask her, and says you embarrassed me today, and says you made my fear come true. He tells Sudha that her sweet daughter wanted to be a doctor, and nothing else. Sudha asks what happened? Rakesh says she ruined my respect, pride and everything. Sudha asks him to calm down. He says I threw Riya out of my house that day, relying on Suhani. He coughs. Suhani says daddy. Rakesh says if you were that concerned about me, you wouldn’t have a relationship with Ranveer. Kamini says that Ranveer broke her alliance that day because he loves her, not because she wants to study medicine. She asks Dadi if she believes her and taunts Sudha for sending her to college and giving her enough freedom. John asks Ranveer not to make any hasty decisions. Ranveer says I want to fix the problem myself today. John says the matter will be further ruined. Raghav says yes. Ranveer says we are equally responsible for this relationship and that I will not leave her alone. He leaves. Riya asks where he went? John says to Suhani’s house. Riya worries about herself.

Rakesh tells me that I trusted Ranveer and gave your responsibility to him. He says when he broke your alliance, I thought he appreciated her dream, but it was something else. Suhani says no daddy. Rakesh says that everything Vikrant and Riya said was right, I was wrong, my faith was wrong, I couldn’t see anything, right in front of my eyes. He repents for the day he handed over her responsibility to him. He says if you have any respect for me, set your own limitations. Suhani goes to her room crying. She falls on her bed and says I don’t want to hurt you, Daddy. Sudha comes there. Suhani hugs her and cries. She says I’m so sorry Maa, I didn’t mean to lie to both of you and wanted to tell you and daddy everything. She says I realized my feelings yesterday and swears she won’t lie, saying she was thinking of talking to Ranveer and then telling them. Sudha says no need to clarify, Ranveer is a really nice guy and takes care of you so much, and maybe he loves you more than us. She says we are proud of you for choosing Ranveer. Dadi comes there and says that I heard the right thing from Sudha’s mouth for the first time. She says if we went looking for the man for you, holding the lamp, we wouldn’t have been able to get Ranveer as a man either. She says I’ll talk to Rakesh about both of you.

Suhani thinks about Rakesh’s words. That’s when she sees Ranveer jumping into her room. Suhani is worried and asks what are you doing here please go from here. Ranveer says I wanted to talk to you, but you didn’t call. He says how to leave you alone when I said we’d talk. Kamini goes in and says that her mind works faster and that’s why she’s spying outside her room, and tells Ranveer she knew he was coming. She calls everyone there. Rakesh, Sudha and Dadi get there. Rakesh holds his hand and takes him outside. Suhani and others follow after them. Rakesh pushes him out and is about to close the door. Ranveer keeps his hand on the door. Everyone is watching. Suhani is concerned.

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