Sirf Tum 3rd February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Valentine’s Day celebration in college. Suhani comes to the university and sees the decorations and balloons in the sky. She becomes happy and smiles. Ranveer comes there and calls her. Suhani walks towards him. Sirf tum plays… Ranveer gives her a present and says it’s your surprise. Suhani says it is not necessary, you are unwell. Ranveer says I’m fine and asks her to see the gift. Suhani opens the box and looks at the gift inside. He says it’s your sophomore notes, took me many nights to make it. Suhani thanks him. She remembers Rakesh’s words that he trusts his daughter and his upbringing. Ranveer asks what happened? Suhani doesn’t say anything, I’ll come. Ranveer ponders what happened to her. Raghav and John smile at them. Ranveer bangs their heads and asks if they want to spy on them. Raghav says you should have given her something special. Ranveer says I don’t believe in this day and says every day is Valentine’s Day. John says today is to express love. Raghav says she might have thought she heard your confession of love and when you didn’t, she got mad and left. Ranveer says he will do something special for her and goes.

Riya looks at him holding the bouquet and thinks I came to congratulate you on your recovery and thought to wish you Valentine’s Day too. Ansh comes there and asks Riya what happened in Suhani’s house. Riya says that Suhani’s daddy didn’t listen to me and says that Ranveer will take his anger out on me now if he finds out. Ansh asks her to think about separating them. He calls Rakesh and asks him to come to the university, saying it is urgent. Suhani comes to the cafeteria. The waiter brings her a bouquet with a note. She watches the couples giving flowers to each other. Suhani reads the note, where Ranveer asks her to go to her class because it starts at 10am, more surprises are coming. She gets up and walks to her classroom. She becomes happy when she sees party poppers falling on her. She comes to the classroom and finds it decorated with flower petals, lamps and balloons. Sirf tum plays…..She smiles as the petals fall on her.

She sees her painting in apron. Ranveer comes there and tells that love does not mean just any day, but for all days. He says I found out that you feel the same as me, and says that all the days and moments with you were special, when you were with me, and says that I can celebrate every day with you. He says just like we read a book, I want to talk about you day and night, it’s my only wish that the first morning thought and the last prayer in the night will be only you, and say the day, I saw you before it first time in the ground, not only did my hand stop, but my heartbeat had stopped and that day itself i decided… that my life purpose is you.

Suhani remembers Rakesh’s words again and takes her hand away. Sirf tum plays… He asks why you are crying. Suhani says I’ve never hidden anything from my family and don’t want them to know about it from anyone else. She thinks that if I tell him about Riya, there must be a fight between them. She says I want to tell them myself. Ranveer says we will tell them ourselves because our love and intention is truthful. He says I want to tell you that only you are my dream, happiness and wishes. Rakesh comes there and sees them standing holding hands. He is shocked and remembers Suhani’s words that he wants to be a good doctor. Ranveer is about to touch her face. Rakesh calls Suhani. Suhani is shocked to see him. Rakesh walks up to them and wants to slap Suhani, but Ranveer is holding his hand. Rakesh looks at him.

Precap: Ranveer comes to Rakesh’s house and says I came to see if she is okay. He says I know you’ve talked angrily about her marriage and says if it gets to your stubbornness, I promise I won’t let this happen.

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