Sirf Tum 1st February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Suhani calls Ranveer. Riya and his friends also summon Ranveer. Suhani tries to go after him, but Raghav and others stop her. Suhani says why did he go in? Raghav and John say they don’t know. Ranveer looks for his muffler and finds it on the ground. Suhani and others see fire coming out of the lab. shouts Suhani Ranveer. Dean asks Suhani, why she went in? Suhani says Ranveer has gone inside. Dean says he’s stupid and has no intelligence. The fire brigade comes there to put out the fire. Dean asks them to light the fire immediately if a student is trapped inside. The fire brigade tries to put out the fire and enters the lab. John and Raghav worry about Ranveer. Suhani is crying. They see Ranveer coming out with the muffler on. Suhani and Ranveer look at each other. Riya laughs. Suhani remembers giving him a muffler. Ranveer approaches her. Suhani goes to him. Ranveer shows her the muffler. Suhani touches it and asks if you went in for it? She holds his hand. Ranveer faints and falls on her. Suhani and others are shocked. John calls and asks to bring a stretcher. Dean asks the ward boy to bring a stretcher. They slide Ranveer onto a stretcher. Dean asks them to take him to the ICU immediately. They take him to the university hospital. The doctor asks them to wait outside and asks the ward boy to bring him in. Suhani lets go of his hand as the stretcher is taken to the ICU. Suhani remembers his words that she is the purpose of his life and that they will always be friends, and that he will fight for her dreams and always stand by her. Sirf tum plays…..

Doctor gives injection to Ranveer. Suhani holds his coat and remembers that Ranveer saved her from the fire. Suhani goes to the hospital temple and prays for Ranveer. She asks Mata Rani not to do anything wrong with Ranveer, he is a good man and has saved many at the risk of his life. She asks her to give him life.

Riya comes home and informs Mamta about Ranveer jumping into the fire to save Suhani and others. Mamta asks her to take her there. Riya says come with me. They leave. Suhani asks doctor why he hasn’t regained consciousness yet. The doctor says treatment is over and he will regain consciousness, but if he does not regain consciousness, his life could be in danger. He says we’re watching him and asks her to go home. Suhani says not to go home and wants to talk to her. The doctor says you can’t talk to him right now. Suhani says he wanted to talk to me, and says she will talk to him.

Doctor and nurse go from there. Suhani takes the muffler and sits down next to his bed. He remembers that he gave it to him on his birthday, and Riya asked him to remove it and Ranveer asked her not to touch it as it is the gift from Mrs. Zimmedari. Sirf tum plays…..She remembers that Ranveer saved her many times. She remembers his confession of love and remembers that she asked him not to come for her, and Ranveer apologized to Rakesh. Suhani asks Ranveer to talk to her and not bother her. She asks him to say something and says how can you worry your zimmedari. She says if I miss my lecture, you berate me and ask him to talk to her. She holds his hand and sits down next to his bed. She says I angrily said not to come and stand in front of me and since that day I’ve been weird and restless. She says I want to see you any moment, you’re the only one. She says if anyone cares about me more than my parents, it’s you. She says whoever bows his head to my happiness is you. She says you’re the one who believes in my dreams more than me, it’s just you. She says everything is perfect in my life, only because of you. She says you are my prayer, only you. She says you’re in my heart and mind, it’s you alone. I want to remind you, it’s just you. She says I want life until you’re with me, it’s you alone. She is crying. Ranveer holds her hand as he regains consciousness. Suhani smiles at him and says Ranveer. Riya comes there with Mamta. They look at Suhani holding his hand and Ranveer to her.

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