Sirf Tum 10th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Kamini tells that this man had the cards printed and reached our house, he is not ashamed. She lights the matchstick to burn the card. Suhani is shocked when she sees Kamini burning the card and comes running to take the burning card from her hand and lights the fire with her hand. Sudha and Dadi run to Suhani to keep her from burning her hand. Dadi asks do you want to burn your hand? Sudha looks and says she burned her hand. Suhani looks at the map. Sudha is going to bring ointment. Ansh calls Vikrant and says you’re my role model and don’t worry. Vikrant asks him to be honest. Ansh says I’m sure your family didn’t keep you informed and says your son Ranveer came to Suhani’s house with the wedding card printed. He says I thought it was my responsibility to inform you about this. Vikrant thanks him and tosses the phone.

Kamini berates Suhani and asks if she has forgotten about Ranveer’s misbehavior and has decided to go against her daddy. Suhani holds the card in front of the God in the house temple. Sudha comes to her and applies ointment. Suhani says I can never go against daddy and I can never leave who is right, says Ranveer is right and I trust his trust. She says Ranveer had said that this alliance will never happen without Papa’s permission and that all his statements are nothing less than a promise. Dadi says even I am with Suhani in this matter and praises Ranveer. Rakesh sits on the couch and hears them. Dadi asks if there is a man who can take care of her like Ranveer. Sudha says the truth is that no one can love and take care of her like Ranveer, he is living her dream as his and helping her through every turn in life. She says if Suhani is with us it’s because of Ranveer and says he really loves Suhani. Kamini says you support Suhani. Dadi asks Rakesh to think carefully. Rakesh says unfortunately, no one can understand me. Asks Dadi to tell him what’s in his heart?

Rakesh says I have problems with me and my family’s status. According to our status, we have no match with this alliance. He says I worked in Ranveer’s Papa office for years. He says my salary is increasing every year, but my status is still the same, I am even now his employee, and owner and employee relationship is not possible, it is only in the story. He says Vikrant called me to his house, made me sit on the dining table, and then showed me my worth. He remembers the humiliation by Vikrant and says that this happened when there was nothing between Ranveer and Suhani. He says that if the truth comes out, my status will be shown to me. Dadi says that house belongs to Ranveer too and says his father must have insulted you, but he took his father to the hospital and had his father apologize. Rakesh says I will be eternally grateful to him, but I know no one will accept my daughter in that house. He says where I have been insulted, I cannot get my daughter married there, I cannot bear a day of insult, and asks if I can bear it if my child has to endure this daily. He says this is my problem. Suhani says Papa I’m so sorry and says I didn’t know you need to hear so much because of me. Rakesh says that you were not aware of the truth and therefore moved on in this relationship, and asks her to tell Ranveer her decision. He says even today, I trust my upbringing and children.

Mamta and Ranveer return home. Vikrant asks if you came home after slapping me for my servant. He asks if there is an expiration date for the license to insult me, do you have? He says who am I talking to? You’re used to insulting me. He asks Mamta why she went to his Servant’s house with the wedding card and asks if you have not remembered my respect and have forgotten respect and shame. Ranveer says enough and says that you are talking about respect and shame. He asks him to talk to him and not his mother. Vikrant says she’s my wife too. Ranveer says my mother has the right to go anywhere with her son, and she doesn’t need anyone’s permission. He says I will not utter any wrong words to her. Suhani calls Ranveer. He chooses the call. Suhani says I need to meet you and discuss something important with you. Mamta asks Ranveer to go. Ranveer says it to Vikrant, not a word to my mother, not in front of me, nor behind me. He says I hope you understand.

He leaves. Vikrant says Mamta, you have made my son against me. Momta asks what are you saying? Vikrant says can’t you see that my employee slaps a letter of resignation in my face and that you went there with the wedding card. Vikram, Roshni and Dada ji get there. Vikram asks what have you done Bhabhi? Don’t you know that Riya and Ranveer’s marriage is important to us. Vikrant asks why did you go there? Roshni says hear what Bhabhi wants to say? Mamta says I didn’t go there to offend anyone, and says I went there because I saw love in the eyes of Ranveer and Suhani. She says that the relationship with Riya will be profitable for us, but three lives will be ruined. She says that’s why I thought… Vikrant says I’m not interested in your thoughts. Vikram says you should have thought of the family, you also have responsibilities to us. Dada ji say who gave you both the right to have her on the witness stand. He says that a mother can do anything for the happiness of her child. He says I am with Mamta in her decision and says that if anyone wants to ask anything then ask Ranveer and get an immediate answer. Vikrant says Mamta, you hurt me. Mom says no. Vikrant goes.

Suhani comes to meet Ranveer somewhere. Sirf tum plays…..She thanks him for coming and tells me to talk to you about something important. He asks if anyone told you anything after I left. Suhani says I made a big mistake. He asks what? Suhani says to see a dream, give myself freedom, fly high etc. Ranveer asks her to say clearly. Suhani says we don’t match, I can’t marry you.

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