Sasural Simar Ka 9th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Simar tells Aditi to keep the stairs on the other side, but it falls down. Simar asks Aditi to hold her hand and go downstairs. Aditi gets out and asks Simar to go downstairs. Simar also tries to get off the wall and falls to the ground. Aditi is startled and asks if everything is okay with her. Simar says I’m fine and asks her to come. They are seen on the road. Aditi calls for a car. Aarav’s car is behind the car. Simar and Aditi are about to get into the car and don’t see Aarav in the car anymore. Aarav asks motorist to drive carefully and drives away. Simar and Aditi hide their faces. Simar asks Aditi to come, and they sit in the car. Sandhya comes home and tells me that I have always respected your decisions. She asks what you thought and had my daughter’s wedding fixed in that house. Aarav says that Aditi cannot live there. Badi Maa says they are here to make decisions for her. Gajendra says he is right and says that that house is not suitable for Aditi. Sandhya says, haven’t you seen that guy? Badi maa asks Sandhya to break the supari with her hand. Sandhya says it’s hard to break it. Badi maa says it’s like your daughter, she’s become stubborn because of that Narayan, and says if that supari is Aditi, then this nut-cutter is Mayank, who will break Aditi’s stubbornness with his austerity.

Sandhya just says. Badi Maa says that you fell once because of your daughter and you insulted yourself and your family. She says how many times will I give her a go, first she ran off with Gagan, then her wedding in mandap is called off and we suffer until now. She says that Gagan Narayan will take advantage of her and asks until when you want to save her. She says she doesn’t see Mayank’s disability, but his sharp tongue and says he can show Aditi the reality. Chitra says we can’t get a good guy like him and he will let our Aditi rule after he becomes an IAS officer. Badi maa says we all know Aditi got spots even when we close our eyes like a cat. She says that after whatever she’s done, only Mayank-esque guys will look at her, and it’s better for us to send her out of here, or she’ll stay here for the rest of her life. She asks if anyone wants her here, then come forward yourself now. Aditi and Simar come to Narayan’s house and get out of the car. Simar says Aditi, everything will be fine, believe me.

Gagan is in his room. Roma asks him to get up and get ready. Gagan says di, I want to say something to you. Avinash gets there, asks Roma to go and says I’ll bring Gagan. Roma goes. Avinash asks what happened yesterday at Oswal Mansion. remembers Gagan. Narayan says I know what would have happened there, they would not have listened to you, now listen to your father and do this order in silence for the good of all. Aditi and Simar come there.

Badi maa says that I believe everyone agrees with this marriage and says that the marriage will start in a few hours, and baraat will reach it on time. She asks Gajendra if he trusts her decision now. Gajendra says yes. Badi maa stops Aarav and Vivaan, and tells them that she won’t listen any more on this subject after this moment, and asks Aarav to keep an eye on his wife and says that if she does anything during the marriage then no one can save her from me. She says it is better if this marriage is concluded at the earliest. Aarav and Vivaan go.

Gagan gets ready in Sherwani and comes to the hall. Radhika and her family are waiting for him for engagement. Avinash asks Gagan to come and have him sit next to Radhika. Radhika smiles when she sees him. Sapna gives engagement ring to Indu. Mahesh gives ring to Radhika. He asks Radhika to let Gagan wear the ring. Indu holds Gagan’s hand and holds it forward. Aditi and Simar come to the door and see Radhika make him wear the ring. Aditi is shattered and runs away from there. Gagan takes his hand back. Avinash and others throw petals on it. Indu asks Gagan to let Radhika wear the ring. She gives ring in his hand. Radhika holds out her hand. Gagan holds her hand and is about to make her wear the ring. Aditi and Simar watch. Aditi moves back and runs off. Simar gives Aditi a shocking look as she runs, and she goes after her and holds her. Aditi is shattered and says again, my heart is broken. She says he betrayed me again. Simar says I’ll talk to him. Aditi says Gagan laughed at me again and said why I trusted him again. Simar says I will talk to Bhai, everything will be fine. Aditi says there’s nothing left to talk about now, and says he’s finished everything. She is crying. Simar says that this could also be a misunderstanding and says I will talk to him. She asks her to go with her and goes back. She sees Aditi not there and runs after her.

Recalling his confession of love to Aditi, Gagan asked for a chance. He takes back the ring from Radhika’s finger and removes his ring as well. Avinash asks what happened? Gagan says I can’t do this assignment. Avinash says Gagan. Gagan says I’m sorry Maa and Papa, but I can’t do this engagement. He says I can’t lie to all of you and to Radhika. He says that I only love Aditi and this time I will not betray her and says that if Aditi is not for me, there is no one. He says that’s it and apologizes to Radhika. He says I can’t ruin three lives and apologizes to her. He keeps the rings on the table and goes. Radhika gets angry.

Aarav wonders where Simar is and thinks to inform her. Badi maa asks to Gajendra, did you send someone to fetch the magistrate. Gajendra says I forgot and says Giriraj and Vivaan are busy with wedding arrangements. Aarav says shall I bring magistrate Sahib? Gajendra says ok, you bring. Aaron goes. Aditi runs down the road and remembers Gagan’s words. Simar runs after her. Aditi cries and runs back blindly, remembering their moments and Gagan’s engagement to Radhika. Simar asks someone if he saw Aditi and keeps running.

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