Sasural Simar Ka 7th January 2022 Written Update

Aarav Asking Simar To Tell Once That She Loves Him. Simar Says I Love You Twice And Says You Are My House, City And My Destination. She Says If You Are Not There, Then This Simar Is Also Not There, I Am Zero Without You. He Says You Complete Me 100 On 100, Else I Am Nothing. He Kisses On Her Forehead. Aarav Says Today, Infront Of This Sacred Fire And Mata Rani, Are You Ready To Marry Me, Simar. Simar Smiles. Aarav Tells Pandit Ji That They Have Nothing To Give Him Right Now, And Says He Can’t Live Without Simar. Pandit Ji Says Today Is The Most Auspicious Moment And This Will Tie You In An Unique Bond. He Says You Both Are Made For Each Other And Will Have Love, Respect And Friendship Between You Both.

Simar Asks Mata Rani If They Are Doing Right Or Wrong And Asks Her To Show The Way To Them. Mata Rani Comes Infront Of Them As A Little Girl And Walks Towards Them. She Gives Aarav’s Hand In Simar’s Hand. Aarav And Simar Looks At Mata Rani’s Idol And Then At Each Other. Pandit Ji Brings Garland And Gives To Them. They Make Each Other Wear The Garland. Pandit Ji Ties The Ghatbandhan. The Girl Goes Inside The Temple. Pandit Ji Asks Them To Start The Rounds. Aarav And Simar Take The Rounds. The Pujaris And Others In The Temple Shower Flower Petals On Them. Pandit Ji Asks Simar To Walk Infront For The Remaining Rounds. Simar Walks Ahead Of Aarav And Completes The Rounds. Aarav Fills Her Hairline With Sindoor/Vermillion And Makes Her Wear Mangalsutra. Their Marriage Is Solemnized. Simar Tells Mata Rani That They Don’t Know How They Reached Here. She Thanks Mata Rani And Tells That Whatever Is Happening Is With Your Blessings. Aarav Says You Are My Life Partner And Everything, And I Am Also Your Life Partner For Forever. A Flower Drops From Mata Rani’s Hands, Blessing Them. Ranjhana Plays….Simar Touches His Feet. He Kisses Her Hand. Song Continues To Play. They Have A Hug.

Aarav And Simar Are Walking On The Road. He Says I Am Remembering A Song In This Situation. She Asks What? He Sings Aaj Se Teri Yeh Galliyan Teri Hogayi. Simar Says She Can’t Believe And Gets Teary Eyes. Aarav Asks Her To Get Habitual And Says Tears Shall Not Come Out From Your Eyes. He Asks If You Are Feeling Cold. Simar Says No And Asks Are You Feeling Cold. Aarav Smiles And Says You Can’t Lie As Your Nose Turns Red. Simar Says I Am Feeling A Bit Cold And Tells That She Will Bear Anything As He Is With Her. Aarav Says You Have The Caring Husband, Who Can’t Let You Bear Any Pain. He Covers Her. Simar Asks Until When You Will Win My Heart. Samar Comes To Yamini’s House And Knocks On The Door. Yamini Devi Opens The Door. Samar Says You Have Won Guru Maa. Yamini Asks What Happened? He Says Whatever You Wanted, And Says Your Aarav Came And Took My Simar Away From The Mandap. Yamini Asks Him To Understand And Says I Am Not Your Enemy. He Says You Are Angry Now, But When You Calm Down, You Will Realize That Whatever Happened Is For Everyone’s Betterment. She Says Simar Don’t Love You. Samar Says Why Did She Agree For Marriage And Gave Me Hopes. He Says He Wanted To Fulfill All Her Dreams And Gave Her Lifetime Contract. Yamini Says Love Don’t Work On Rules. He Says You Are The Reason For My Defeat, And Says Son Has Defeated And Mother Has United. He Congrats Her For Aarav And Simar’s Union.

Yamini Gets Teary Eyes And Says Forgive Me Samar. She Says I Didn’t Mean To Hurt You, And Says Everything Is Fair In Love And War, And Tells That Their Love Has Given Me Hopes And Ways, Which Will Destroy Gitanjali Devi. Aarav Tells Simar That He Had Promised Her That He Will Make Her The Queen Of His World, But He Don’t Have Anything Now. Simar Says You Are With Me And That’s Enough. Aarav Says I Couldn’t Give You Any Happiness. Simar Says I Already Got Best Thing And That’s Your Support And Says I Got Peace To Become Yours, And Any Comfort Is Less Infront Of This. She Says Who Is Roaming On The Road, I Am Where I Shall Be, Nothing Can Be Good Than This. She Says We Have Stars For Us. He Says We Shall Have Home Too And Gets An Idea.

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