Sasural Simar Ka 4th February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Simar, Aarav, Vivaan come to Badi maa with Aditi. Aarav says Badi Maa, Aditi wants to talk to you. Aditi sits down and apologizes to Badi Maa for her pain, saying that everyone is sad because of her. She says Gagan and I crossed the line, which we shouldn’t have, and says I’m ready to face the penalty, but don’t make me marry anyone else. Chitra asks Giriraj to stop her, otherwise Badi Maa will get angry. Badi maa asks Aditi what she wants, she wants her to accept Gagan who did wrong in the house. Simar says Aditi wants to say that she and Bhai really love each other and this time Bhai will accept her in front of everyone.

Radhika and her parents are at Avinash’s house. Avinash introduces Gagan to Sapna. Gagan sits tense on the couch. Mahesh asks them to relax and says you both passed. Sapna says we won’t let you both get married now, you can focus on the career now. She tells Gagan that whatever he does will be right. Gagan says I’m not sure and says I want to tell everyone the truth.

Badi maa asks Simar how dare she interfere with them and asks if her parents didn’t teach her manners, and says I am talking to my granddaughter. She says whoever made the mistake should let her calculate the mistakes. She tells Aditi that that guy made you and your mother return from his house, and today asks if you favor him, and asks where your self-esteem has gone? Aditi says Gagan apologized to me and has now changed. Badi Maa asks her not to say this anymore. Simar says I trust Aditi and tells that Bhai made a mistake, but now his intentions are truthful. She says that Bhai will show everyone how much he loves Aditi. Badi Maa says you want me to trust you and your two-headed snake brother. She says I’ve seen the world and everything I thought about you was right, says your brother is worse than you, I’ll die but never trust you and your brother. Gagan remembers Indu’s threat and tells that he cannot get married until his institution starts. They agree. Indu says we’re going to have a little ring ceremony. Mahesh asks when? Avinash says tonight. Mahesh says ok and congratulates Avinash. Sapna congratulates Indu. Radhika is about to go after Gagan, but Roma stops her and makes her eat candy.

Simar comes to Badi Maa and says that you are all upset because we got married against everyone’s wishes. She says it’s unfair to let Aditi get married in 24 hours because of your anger at us. She says that Maa is unwell because of this. She asks her to give Aditi and Gagan a chance. Badi maa says why? Simar says they want your blessings and will have a chance. Badi Maa asks chance or betrayal. Simar says I trust Bhai and Aditi’s love and I promise not to let Aditi’s wedding take place in 15 hours. Badi maa says I will see in 15 hours who Aditi will marry. Simar says I will talk to Bhai and this time you will believe in true love. Reema comes there and says it’s a lie. Everyone looks at her.

Reema says Simar Aarav Oswal is lying again because whatever she says will not happen. She tells Badi Maa she wants to read something and reads the invitation card from Gagan’s engagement to Radhika Dubey tonight. Aditi is shocked. Chitra reacts shocked and asks if Gagan is getting engaged. Reema says yes, with his wish. Badi maa gets upset and comes to Aditi and asks her if she saw that he hasn’t changed. She says I knew the bad guy will show his real face. Aarav and Vivan get angry. Reema says the truth is for all of you and says that Gagan gets engaged with his wish, tells that he doesn’t care about Aditi and her love, nor about Simar’s big claims. Everyone looks at Simar angrily. Aditi sits shocked. Vivaan takes the invitation card from Reema’s hand and hands it to Aarav. Aarav says it’s today. He asks Simar, what is all this? Simar has no idea and knows nothing about it. She says how can Bhai get engaged? Reema says Gagan is my brother too, but I’m not afraid to tell the truth as the truth and lie as a lie. She says that Gagan made a mistake and broke Aditi’s heart. She says this is the proof. Simar says my heart doesn’t believe it and even now I feel they love each other. She says nothing has been proven with this card. She says I will call Bhai and says he may be under pressure to get married, and says she knows him well and therefore says this with confidence. Reema and Chitra watch. Gagan comes to his room and looks at Simar’s photo and says that only you can understand me in this situation. He remembers Simar asking him to play the match. A fb is shown, Gagan says the other team will win. Simar asks him to try and says that failure is not the problem, but not trying is the problem. FB is coming to an end. Gagan thinks he has to fight for Aditi.

Chitra asks Aarav and Simar, what do you want Aditi to become, Gagan’s authorized wife and his second wife. Gajendra calls Chitra. Chitra says I’m sorry, even I feel bad using these words. She says that man should have been killed long ago because he saw our daughter, how can he breathe?

Avinash and Indu search for Gagan. Indu says do not know where he went? Avinash says he went like a coward and there’s only one place. Avinash leaves. Simar says what do you say Chachi, he is my brother. Chitra says that Aditi is the daughter of the house and respects it. Gajendra asks them to be quiet and tells Badi Maa that he will kill Gagan today. Gagan comes to Oswal Mansion.

Precap: Gajendra is about to shoot Gagan. Aarav tries to stop her. Badi maa comes and shoots Gagan. Simar is shocked.

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