Sasural Simar Ka 3rd February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Aditi comes to Simar and thanks her for supporting her in front of everyone and says I know the way this case came to everyone was wrong and says it was love for us. Simar says what you both did was wrong. Aditi wipes her tears and plays the recording of Gagan, in which he tells that he cannot live without her and will look for a solution. She says we forgot what happened between us and started again, now there is no betrayal or lie between us, only there is true love. She says Gagan said that when he saw you longing for Aarav Bhai’s love, he realized he hurt me. She tells that he was very remorseful and says that you know him well. She says he loves me this time and tells that their love is truthful, just like Aarav and she. She asks her to support them. Aarav comes there and calls Simar. Aditi watches Aarav and Vivaan arrive there. Aarav asks Vivaan to tell Aditi that he doesn’t trust Gagan, and says he can betray again. Vivaan says yes. Simar tells Aarav that you kicked me out of the house on badi maa’s sayings and asks if you want to do this again. Aarav asks what you say, our love is pure and sacred. Simar says that everything changes with time and they grow up and change their minds with time. She says why this can’t happen to Gagan Bhai. Aditi says that Gagan has changed. Simar reminds Aarav that he felt bad when no one heard him.

Badi Maa tells that 4 hours have passed and no groom has been selected so far. Giriraj says whatever happened during the first time, at the time of the marriage… Gajendra says that everyone wants to know at the earliest why we want to marry her. Chitra says she has a solution. Aarav says I may be able to hear Aditi, but she is a little girl. Simar explains why brothers think their sister will always be small. She says that both Aditi’s brothers rebel against the family to marry their love, and you act justified as it is done by the sons, and the family bowed and accepted Reema di and one day will accept me too. She asks why her daughter’s love is given a title like shamelessness, etc. She says that Aditi supported both her brothers and trusted in their love when they fought for their love. She asks why you don’t trust Aditi since she’s a girl and can’t make the right decision. She says Aditi can make the right decision and judge people better than both of you. Aarav says you said it right, she’s my blood, but how dare he come into my sister’s room. Simar says no, it wasn’t right, and says they hurt the elders and us too, and tells her gut feeling says their love is truthful this time and she’s with them. She says Aditi will get a fair chance to talk and says she heard Gagan’s voice notes and she’s confident he won’t betray her this time. Aditi says she needs both of her brothers right now, and asks if you want to support me?

Badi Maa tells that she hates love and someone in the house thinks this thing is poison. Chitra tells that they will marry her into a poor family, and they will not ask us any questions. Badi Maa asks who they are? Gajendra says we’re talking about Aditi’s marriage. Badi Maa says I won’t let anything bad happen to Aditi. Chitra tells them that they will search the man in town, to whom they have done a favor. Badi maa checks the mobile.

Vivaan tells Aditi that they are both with her. Aarav says Simar can’t be wrong. Vivaan says that just as you have understood our love, we also understand your love. Aditi thanks and hugs them. Simar smiles. Vivaan asks what will be the next step? Simar says Bhai doesn’t know what’s happening here, and we’ve only got 24 hours to go. She tells him to inform Maa and Papa so that they bring the alliance, and says that if they bring the alliance Badi Maa will trust them.

Aditi calls Gagan. Indu gets the call and rejects it. Reema shows the video to Indu and Avinash. Indu is shocked. She rejects Aditi’s call again and says what our kids want? She says I won’t let the mistake be made again. Reema asks Indu to do something and tells that Simar is doing tamasha at the Oswal Mansion, and says what they can do with our Gagan, who can have Aarav arrested. She emotionally blackmails them and says I can’t forget what they did to you. Avinash says I understood what to do and says I will do it myself now. Aditi tells Simar he might be busy somewhere, I’ll try again. Indu again rejects her call. Gagan asks have you seen my phone? Indu puts his phone in the water bucket. Talking to Indu, Avinash says we’re going to get engaged to him today and asks Reema to get the cards printed. Reema says okay.

Aditi says that Gagan does not pick my call and says what we will do, Badi maa will fix my marriage in a while. Indu meets Sapna when Mahesh and Radhika accompany her to Avinash’s house. Ind you ask Mahesh to give Radhika for Gagan. Gagan signs Indu to come. Indu goes to him. Gagan says I’m not ready to marry Radhika. Indu shows his video with Aditi and then asks if you want to marry her? Gagan says I can explain to you. Indu says it’s clear and tells that they have so much to bear and that the next shock will cost them their life. Indu asks him to think about Aditi and says they will kill her or make her commit suicide. She says if you want our improvement, then sit back and do what your parents want. Simar asks Aditi to do what a learned girl will do? She says that you will go to war, and says that you must first apologize and then express your feelings to Badi Maa from your heart. She says we’re with you. She takes her outside.

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