Sasural Simar Ka 31st December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Badi Maa Telling That Aarav Will Return To His House, When Simar Goes To Her Sasural. Aditi Comes And Says This Will Happen Surely And Says Badi Maa Never Backs Off From Her Promise, In Which She Has Her Personal Interest. Gajendra Says You Are Forgetting Your Limits. Aditi Asks Him To Answer, If Everything Is Right, Whatever Happening Here. She Asks If This Is Necessary, Who Is Getting Happiness With This? You All Or Badi Maa. She Says Everyone Knows That Whatever Happening Is Wrong, But Nobody Has Dare To Tell That This All Is Wrong. She Asks Them Why Are They Doing This, And Says They Will Die Without Each Other. She Asks Simar Not To Act As She Is Strong And Says Nobody Cares For What You Are Going Through And Asks Her To Take Out Her Pain. She Asks Do You Think Everything Is Right, Here And Asks Gajendra To Tell That If This Is Not Injustice. Gajendra Says This Is Not The Place To Talk All This. Aditi Says What Right Is Happening Here, And Says Simar Bhabhi’s Reverse Rounds Got Done, Was It Right. They Were Separated Even Though They Love Each Other, Was It Right. She Says Their Helplessness And Yearning For Each Other, Was It Right? She Asks If The Drama Was Right On The Name Of Simar’s Remarriage And Aarav’s Arrest, Was It Right? Gajendra Says We Will Discuss At Home. Aditi Says Why Did You Get Him Arrested? Gajendra Says Aarav Was Rebellious. Aditi Says He Didn’t Have Any Option Left, And Tried To Explain To You All, But You All Used To Say That Simar Was Not Right For Him. She Says Tell Me Her One Mistake, And Tells That She Has Won Everyone’s Heart And Solved All Problems In Oswal Mansion With Her Heart, And Asks Her To Tell Why She Is Wrong. She Says I Have An Answer, And Says This Is Happening To Silence Someone Stubbornness And Ego. Badi Maa Loses Her Angry And Slaps Her Hard.

Aditi Holds Her Cheek. Badi Maa Asks Her Not To Raise Her Voice, So That It Becomes Noise, And Asks Her Not To Question Much That It Becomes Shame For Self. Simar Comes To Aditi’s Side And Holds Her. Shobha Claps And Comes To Badi Maa. She Says You Shall Be Praised For Sending Someone To Jail, Slap To Someone And Remembrance To Someone. Gajendra Shouts Shobha. Shobha Says She Is My Mother Too. She Asks Her To Reply To Aditi And Asks Why Simar Is Not Right For Aarav. She Asks Her, Why She Is So Scared Of Simar, That She Got Her Favorite Grand Son Arrested For Her. She Says You Have Selected Simar At First Place. Badi Maa’s Hands Shaken Up. Shobha Says Today Gitanjali Devi Couldn’t Answer And Couldn’t Bear Aarav And Simar’s Happiness. She Says There Is No Flaws In Simar. Simar Gives Chair To Badi Maa, Seeing Her Hands Shaking. Badi Maa Holds The Chair. Badi Maa Says Today I Will Answer And Says May Be This Answer Needs To Be Heard By Everyone, Especially Whose Name Is Simar. She Says After Hearing Me, You Will End Aarav Oswal’s Chapter By Yourself, Think It As Your Marriage Gift.

Aditi, Simar, And Others Are Shocked. Badi Maa Says I Have Three Reasons To Dislike Simar. She Says One Is That, Simar Is Betrayal Girl, She Sat On Her Sister’s Place, And Took The Rounds, And Came To Our House As Someone’s Wife, Such Girl Is Called Betrayal Girl. Indu Says We Have Given The Clarification, That Why That Happened? Badi Maa Says Oswals Was Unaware Of It, You Got A Chance To Tell Us, But You Didn’t Tell Us And Betrayed Us. She Asks If Some Other Guy Had Married Your Daughter, Then Will You Forgive Him? She Says That’s Why I Say That Simar’s Behavior Is Of Betrayal. She Says Reason No 2, Simar Came In Aarav’s Life As Coal And Changed Fun Loving And Loyal Grand Son, As Drunkard, Rebellious Etc. She Says Aarav Never Refused To My Sayings, Never Gave Me A Chance To Complaint And Never Replied To Us. She Says Today I Have To Put Him In Jail Due To This Girl, And Says She Has Blinded Him That He Couldn’t See Anything Or Understand. She Says Love Is That Who Makes A Person Rich, But She Made Aarav From King To Poor. She Says The Most Important Reason And The Third One, Is That Simar’s Habit To Singing. She Says The Girls Who Used To Sing, Brings Destruction In The House. She Tells That She Knew That I Disliked Singing, But Then Also She Sang In Reema’s Mehendi, And Included My Bahus And Beti And I Punished Her To Be Out Of The Mandap. She Says When It Was Her Last Day In Oswal Mansion, She Sang Songs Loudly In My House, Without Any Hesitation And Broke The Walls. She Asks If She Doesn’t Care For Her Emotions And Doesn’t Respect Her. She Says She Don’t Respect Her, And That’s Why She Will Save Her Family From Simar’s Name Destruction Till My Last Breath. Simar Cries And Is About To Go Inside, But Avinash Stops Simar. Badi Maa Says I Hope Everyone Should Have Got Their Answers, And Says I Don’t Take Any Decisions For My Ego, And Says My Family Is More Important Than My Own Life. She Says She Takes Decision To Keep Her House Away From Such Disaster. Avinash Says You Are Calling My Daughter As Disaster, But All My Daughters Are The Crown Of My Head, And Says They Are Educated And Understanding Girls, And That’s Why They Take Their Own Decisions, Sometimes I May Not Agree With Them, But Never Feel Ashamed With Their Decisions, As They Have So Much Love And Sacrifice For Their Family And Relatives, And Says You Can’t Find Such Girls Elsewhere. He Says Daughters Are Like That, And Praises Daughters. He Says You Will Not Understand, Don’t Waste Your Time. He Says You Have Three Reasons To Dislike Simar. He Says You Said A Cheap Thing And Says Today Simar’s Father Will Reply To You.

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