Sasural Simar Ka 2nd February 2022 upcoming twist and story

Badi Maa said she couldn’t believe the man Gagan Narayan is the cheapest man and you go to him again and again to ruin yours and our respect. She says he clearly stated that he used you and that you let him come into your room. She says the drama that shook us up, how can you repeat it, and tells a stranger not to go into a girl’s room. She says you don’t know what to do with Gagan Narayan? Simar and Reema are shocked. Aditi says it isn’t and says Gagan. Gajendra says I don’t know what I’ve done wrong, that both my children have ruined my name. Chitra tells Reema that she diverted the subject to save her. Reema says you risked my brother’s life. Badi Maa says I will punish him his soul will be punished. Simar says I don’t know when he came. Badi Maa says you provoked him to ruin my respect. She asks Vivaan if he saw why she is getting mad at this girl and says this is her truth. She says she’s very smart and wants to break into the house. Vivaan asks why Bhabhi is blamed for Aditi and Gagan’s mistake. Badi Maa says that because of Simar’s bad company, Aditi has been afflicted and has forgotten all her limitations. He says this is this girl’s conspiracy and says I’m very upset and says why I didn’t kill that guy then. Aarav asks Simar to go inside. Simar says there is a misunderstanding. Badi maa says you have returned home and brought back our bad times. Simar says you can tell me anything, but don’t say… Badi maa says that if you do something for your brother’s benefit.

Mahesh asks Gagan what he thinks to do? Gagan says he is thinking of a coaching center. Mahesh asks Avinash to take Gagan home so he can meet Radhika’s mother. Indu tells him that they are talking about his alliance with Radhika. Gagan worries about Aditi. Aarav folds his hand and says I feel the same as you and asks her to give Aditi a chance to say something. He says please, give her a chance. Badi maa draws her. Aditi tells Aarav that there is nothing like everyone thinks and says that Gagan had come here but he has changed now and is not like before. She goes to Sandhya and tells that he apologized to me and also promised that… Sandhya hits her hard and asks if he has changed? She says if he changed, then he would have come from the front and asked for your hand. She says what evil I did in your upbringing and says I took you to his house against my husband and Badi maa, but he refused to marry you. She says such guys don’t change and only their habits. She asks if you want to be his doormat. Simar tells Sandhya that Bhai made a mistake, but he is not characterless. Sandhya asks Simar if she was aware of this? Aditi says no, Bhabhi was unaware. Sandhya says I’ll ask Simar. Aarav says I am responsible for this and says that Aditi and Gagan have started talking to each other to unite Simar and me. He says they may be united as they unite us. He says it’s my fault. Badi Maa says this marriage has brought destruction to us.

Aditi tells that it is not Bhabhi’s fault and that their love is truthful this time. Gajendra raises his hand to hit her. Simar folds her hand and stops it. Gajendra says that man is a curse. Aarav asks him to calm down. Gajendra says Aditi is following in your footsteps. Badi Maa says she had a lot of hopes for Aditi and Aarav, but they both ruined my name. She coughs. Gajendra lets her sit on the chair. Badi Maa asks if there were any flaws in my upbringing that all kids have become rebellious and this girl has crossed all boundaries. Giriraj says our daughter did this at our house.

Indu and Avinash come to Gagan, and Indu tells him that they like Radhika and her parents, and that they are arranging his marriage with her. Gagan says I only met her for a few minutes. Indu says I’m going to arrange your engagement and talk to Sapna ji. She tells that he can talk to Radhika after the engagement. Gagan just says. Badi maa asks Gajendra to see a girl for Aditi and get her married. Sandhya is crying. Chitra says she should have been careful. Badi maa asks Gajendra to let her get married. Gajendra says that I will marry him and that she will leave from here. Simar goes to Badi Maa and says I am Simar Aarav Oswal, Aditi’s bhabhi and Gagan Narayan’s sister want to say something to you. Sandhya faints and is about to fall on the glass table, but Gajendra and Aarav hold their hands to save her. They ask her to open the door. Vivaan calls the doctor and asks him to come quickly. Doctor comes out after checking her and says she passed out due to stress and tension. He goes. Badi Maa asks Gajendra to go with her. Reema is about to call Gagan, but Chitra stops her. Reema says I want to call Gagan and get his side of the story. She says why Aditi and Gagan can’t reunite. Chitra tells that if all Narayans want to get married here, and if Badi Maa agrees with Gagan, Simar and Aarav will become dear to her and no one can prevent Aarav from becoming CEO. She tells Simar to fight for Gagan and says her value to everyone will drop. She says she will be gone soon and says that Sandhya and Gajendra are looking for a place to hide their faces. She says we’ll be gone by then. Reema asks if you have seen a man for Aditi. Chitra says I will tell about the man Badi Maa cannot refuse. She asks Reema to stop Gagan and says let’s see what will happen in these 24 hours.

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