Sasural Simar Ka 25th December 2021 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 25th December 2021 Written Update Aarav rebels Simar tells Samar about Mohit, who tried to molest her. Samar rushes inside the place to beat Mohit. He sees Mohit lying unconscious. He thinks Simar has given the right punishment to Mohit. He leaves. He goes back to Simar. He tells that he has no words to tell her, but she has done the right thing by punishing that devil. He tells that she is an inspiration for every girl. He feels proud of her. He tells that he respects her even more. He knows that Aarav won’t be involved in all this. He takes her home. Rana comes there and sees Mohit injured. He swears that he will get Simar, Aarav and Gitanjali in their feet and make them plead for life.Chitra agrees with Rana. She tells that she will help him in the plans. She promises that she will get Simar for Mohit. She tells that the real game will begin now. Samar asks Simar is she fine. Samar tells that Mohit is Oswals enemy and did this for revenge. He asks her to come with him to the police station. Simar tells that he has punished Mohit well. She is sure that this punishment will make Mohit change his intentions. Samar tells that he is with her decisionOn the other hand, Aarav is much worried. Yamini is scared of his silence. She asks him what did he think before challenging Avinash. She tells that its not easy to stop the marriage because Narayan family is favoring Samar. Samar brings Simar home. He promises Indu and Avinash that he will never take Simar outside without their permission. Avinash tells that he hopes Samar has no doubt in his heart. Samar tells that he trusts Simar’s goodness and truth. He asks them to have food and not worry. He insists them to eat.

They are worried because of Aarav’s challenge. Aarav tells Yamini that he will not tolerate the families’ tortures now. He tells her that he will get what belongs to him, he will get his Simar. Indu and Avinash are happy to see Samar’s respect for Simar. They find Samar the best life partner for Simar. Indu tells that they shall get them married soon. Avinash tells that he won’t let Aarav marry Simar.

Badimaa gets to see Aarav talking to Yamini. She is left shocked. She loses her cool. Yamini blesses Aarav and Simar. Badimaa’s wounds get fresh. Yamini asks Aarav to identify the bounds who are forcing him to step back. She encourages him to break those bounds, forget those selfish relations who are keeping him away from his happiness.

Badimaa goes out to fight Yamini. Yamini asks Aarav to snatch his love and prove to the world that nothing is mightier than love. Gajender finds Badimaa running outside the house. Yamini asks Aarav to not listen to anyone, live and die for his love. She tells that he isn’t alone, she is always with him. Aarav thanks her. Yamini leaves before Badimaa arrives there. Yamini thinks Aarav and Simar’s union will give her peace and Gitanjali will fail. Badimaa asks Aarav what was Yamini telling him, does he know Yamini. Aarav tells that he knows Yamini, she is only woman who understands him, unlike his family.

He tells that his family never tried to understand him, but Yamini understands his feelings. Badimaa tells that Yamini is a destruction. Aarav tells that he doesn’t want to hear anything about the family now, the family who cares for his life, love and wishes. He calls it enough. He tells that he has taken a decision. She asks him to listen to her. She tells Gajender that Yamini has brainwashed Aarav. Gajender can’t believe that Aarav met Yamini. Badimaa tells that she will fail Yamini’s laid trap. Aarav applies the kumkum to his forehead. Badimaa tells the guards that Aarav shouldn’t go out of the car. She leaves with Gajender to confront Yamini.

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