Sasural Simar Ka 25th December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Mohit Removing Simar’s Dupatta. She Sits While Her Hands Tied. Mohit Asks Her To Shout And Says Nobody Is Here, Not Even Your Aarav Ji. He Smells Her Dupatta And Says Today I Will Make This Smell Mine. He Asks If She Is Not Getting Angry Or Enjoying Now. Simar Shouts Mohit And Says It Will Be Better For You, That You Kill Me, And Says If I Am Left Alive Then I Will Not Leave You. Mohit Says This Is Boring And Says I Thought You Are Different From Others, But Many Girls Gave Me The Same Threat And Repented Later. Simar Swears That If She Is Left Alive Then She Will Take Revenge For All Those Girls. Samar Checks The Mobile And Thinks To Restart The Phone. He Thinks He Shall Not Go Inside, Else Simar Will Feel Bad.

Police Arrives At The Place, Where Gagan Is Lying Unconscious And Injured. Lalit Calls Gagan. Inspector Picks The Call And Tells That The Guy Is Unconscious Here. He Asks Him To Come To The Hospital. Lalit Asks Roma To Inform Reema, But Not Avinash And Indu. Aarav Sits In His Car And Shouts Simar. He Finds The Car Punctured And Gets Down. He Checks The Tyre. Yamini Comes To Aarav And Asks How You Will Do It Now. He Says Simar Is Mine And I Will Make Her Mine. Mohit Says Sadly This Will Not Happen And I Will Tell You What Will Happen. He Says When You Returns Home In The Morning After Gathering Your Left Out Courage, Your Parents Will Ask You What Happened With You, And When You Tell Them Shamelessly, Your Mother Will Cover The Curtains And Close The Door. He Says Your Father Will Ask You Not To Tell Anyone. He Says Your Mother Will Ask You To Swear That You Will Not Say Anyone About This. He Says Your Brother Will Curse You, And Says If You Go To The Police Station Being Simar, Then You Have To Tell Everything Shamelessly And Will Get Insulted. Simar Asks Him To Get Afraid Of God. Mohit Says If Aarav Brings You Back In His Life, Then You Can’t Tell Him, That His Enemy Mohit Rana Has Made Her Dirty. He Says Your Punish Don’t End Here, And Says I Will Return Again And Again For You And Aditi. He Says We Have Half Relations, And I Will Celebrate Full Wedding Night With Her. Simar Shouts Mohit.

Roma, Reema And Others Take Gagan To The Hospital. Rajendra Says I Will Check Him. Vivaan Asks Reema Not To Worry. Rajendra Treats Gagan And He Gains Consciousness. Rajendra Calls Them Inside. Reema And Roma Ask Him How Is He? Rajendra Asks Them Not To Worry. Inspector Comes There And Asks Who Has Attacked You? Gagan Recalls Badi Maa Calling Guards To Get Him Beaten And Gajendra’s Words That Death Is Less Punishment For You. Reema Says Badi Maa.

Mohit Says Sometimes Simar And Aditi. Simar Prays To Mata Rani And Asks Her To Become Her Courage For Every Daughter’s Respect. She Frees Her Hands And Slaps Mohit Hand On His Face. Mohit Is Shocked And Angry. He Holds His Cheek And Finds Blood Coming Out. He Asks How Dare You. Before He Could Attack Her, Simar Ties The Rope In His Neck, With Which Her Hands Were Tied. Mohit Says You Are Doing A Mistake. Simar Says Men Like You, Threaten And Force The Girls, Disrespect Them And Then Fill The Guilt In Her, That It Is Their Mistake That They Are Women. She Says Parents Are Afraid And Asked Their Daughters To Come Home Soon. She Says She Is Not Afraid Of Him And Tells That She Is Raised By A Strong Father That He Never Differentiated Between Me And My Brother, He Made My Dream As Him, And Never Shouted At Us. She Praises Her Father, Aarav, Samar, Vivaan, Gajendra And Others For Being A Good Character Guys. She Threatens Him And Says History Is Witness, Whenever Such Guys Like You Raised Your Sight On Woman, His Lanka Is Burnt. Mohit Tries To Free Himself. Samar Thinks Pick The Call Simar.

Inspector Asks What Do You Think That Someone Did This Intentionally And Asks If He Has Any Personal Enmity With Anyone. Gagan Recalls Badi Maa’s Words And Says I Have No Enmity With Anyone, And I Don’t Remember Anything. Reema Asks Him Not To Be Afraid And Tell Whatever Happened With You, And Says Whoever Has Beaten You So Badly Shall Be Punished. Gagan Says I Am Fine And Tells That He Has No Enmity With Anyone, And Don’t Want To File The Report. Vivaan Asks Inspector To Go And Says He Needs Rest. Avinash And Indu Worry For Their Kids.

Simar Tells Mohit That She Will Burn His Lanka Alone, As She Is A Woman. She Strike The Pose As Durga And Keeps Her Feet On Him. She Says I Am Complete, Compatible To Do Anything. She Says If Woman Can Give Birth To You, Then Woman Can Take Your Life Too, To Save This World From You. Mohit Closes His Eyes. Simar Leaves Him And Walks Backwards. Mohit Gets Up And Raises His Hand To Hold Simar, But Falls Down Unconscious On The Bed. Simar Runs Out.

Gagan Says Don’t Know What Happened With Me, But Whatever I Had Done, This Punishment Is Less. Vivaan Says I Have Already Forgiven You. Gajendra Comes And Says Gagan Is Fine, His Reports Came. Roma Asks When We Can Take Him Home. Gajendra Says Tomorrow Morning. Gagan Says I Will Go Today Itself. Reema Says She Will Talk To Maa And Papa. She Calls Indu And Tells That Gagan Was With His Friends. She Says They Are Planning Surprise For Simar. Avinash Asks Indu To Go And Sleep. Indu Is Worried About Aarav’s Words. Avinash Asks Her Not To Worry. Samar Thinks To Go Inside. Just Then Simar Comes And Faints. He Holds Her And Makes Her Sit In The Car. He Makes Her Drink Water. Simar Gains Consciousness And Tells Everything. Samar Gets Angry And Gets Down From The Car. He Goes Inside.

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